Supreme Ventures Limited #SimplyVestedinLove 2nd Staging back-to-school programme inspired by Nurse’s Heroism

Jamaicans got another chance to help loved ones with back-to-school preparations when Supreme Ventures Limited launches its second #SimplyVestedinLove back-to-school programme on Monday, August 13.

This is the second staging of the online-based outreach programme that encourages persons to help their friends and family send their children back to school in September.

This year’s campaign is aimed at reaching more persons and has shifted from a social media based initiative to the gaming company’s brand new website. Persons wishing to get involved in #SimplyVestedInLove no longer require a social media account, but should visit and complete the online form.

The entry form requires participants to submit their contact information and that of the beneficiary they are nominating for assistance. The most impactful stories will be chosen as beneficiaries of the programme that closes on Friday, August 24. Under the programme persons can be nominated to receive gift certificates for textbooks, stationery, uniforms and other school items from local retailers.

SVL Assistant Vice President, Group Corporate Communications, Simone Clarke-Cooper said the response to the initiative last year was overwhelming and as such the company could not pass up the opportunity to stage it for a second year.

“#SimplyVestedInLove celebrates life changing small acts of kindness by ordinary Jamaicans and focuses on persons asking for help, not for themselves but for their fellowman. It’s that basis of selflessness that we focus on. We all know someone who needs help and sometimes we cannot render the assistance that is needed, but through #SimplyVested Supreme Ventures can facilitate that act on kindness on your behalf and make a huge impact one act of kindness at a time,” she said.

Simply Invested in Love – Nurse’s inspiring story caught Supreme Ventures Eye

In 2017, #SimplyVestedInLove assisted 100 students from 37 entries to the tune of $2 million to get back into the classroom. Mrs. Clarke-Cooper says they plan on helping even more students by increasing the number of beneficiaries.

“This year we plan to assess and award benefits to 100 entries, 50 per week, to maximize the assistance we have available and to spread the benefits even wider than last year. We want to help even more families achieve the dream of education for their children,” she said.

SVL’s #SimplyVestedInLove programme was inspired by the heroic actions of intensive care nurse at the Bustamanate Hospital for Children, Nurse Davia Tucker who saved infants from a fire that broke out in the Intensive Care Unit in 2017.

Nurse Tucker’s decision to share the accolades and gifts that were given to her by Corporate Jamaica, including Supreme Ventures, with the other hospital employees who assisted her efforts inspired the ‘each one help one’ focus of #SimplyVestedInLove.

Mrs. Clarke-Cooper explained that while Supreme Ventures has lent its financial support to various initiatives at the national level, #SimplyVestedInLove is a chance for the gaming company to localize its outreach efforts to the everyday Jamaican.


Simone Clarke-Cooper

Assistant Vice President

Group Corporate Communication, Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited

Tel: (876) 562-6222

Stephanie Todd

Communications Officer

Group Corporate Communication, Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited

Tel: (876) 430-7460


The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat is a thrilling book for Children

My name is Lindsworth Deer, owner of Deer Prints and More Publishing, a part of the Jamaican Rabbit (Deer, 2015, August 8), a company dedicated to publishing online media.

I’ve already published one book, How to Construct Platonic, Archimedean and Stellated Polyhedra (Deer, 2015, July 30) on Smashwords and Amazon as well as several Physics Books on Sellfy.

I have just published a new story book by author M.G. Mcpherson entitled “The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat”.  You can click on the links below to purchase the book:

Please click on the link and be the first to purchase a copy of this exciting book!

Summary of the Book

In the book “The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat” by Author MG Mcpherson, Raymond the inquisitive Jamaican rat who gets himself into all sorts of scrapes when he ventures into the sanctity of the humans’ home. However, Raymond is smart and has many plans on how to escape.

Will he succeed at escaping from the terrors of the humans or will he allow himself to be destroyed by them? Immerse yourself in the magical world of this fantastic fiction book and be prepared for fast-paced adventure.

About the Author

The author is currently ill but has plans to publish a series of these books for children, as writing children books has been a dream of hers since she was younger.

She’s a spiritual person who is always fascinated by the beauty of nature and it is this curiosity about life that causes her to reach out to the animal kingdom. In her book, “The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat” she reveals her thoughts about the inner workings of the lives and concerns of rodents, which are not too dissimilar to those of human beings.

Follow the author and find out about her next exciting release on Twitter:@Marciam05159740

Services offered by the Jamaican Rabbit

The Jamaican Rabbit Provides the Following Services:

  1. Press Releases
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All my gigs and offers start at US$10! Visit

Here’s the link:

The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat on Smashwords

The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat on Amazon

The Really Scary Adventures of Raymond the Jamaican Rat on Sellfy


The Jamaican Rabbit on Fiverr

Physics Books on Sellfy

How to Construct Platonic, Archimedean and Stellated Polyhedra on Smashwords

How to Construct Platonic, Archimedean and Stellated Polyhedra on Amazon


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  1. Deer, L. (2015, July 30). US$4.99 How to make Platonic, Archimedean and Stellated Solids is a Guide for the Science Hobbyist. Retrieved from


Astronomical Association of Jamaica’s Celestial Viewing Event is a Gateway to the Stars

Are you a Jamaican and really had an interest in Astronomy but never had the time to look up at the stars?

Then come Tuesday August 28th 2018, you may get that chance to feed that passion. On that date at the AAJ (Astronomical Association of Jamaica) will be having a Celestial Viewing of the stars for free through their powerful telescopes on Tuesday August 28th 2018 at 6pm.

The two part event starts with an informative general meeting of the AAJ followed by an amazing look up at the stars from the rooftop of the UWI Physics Building, as per their post on Event post Facebook for the Celestial Viewing.

Formed back in 1942 as an Amateur Astronomical Society, it initially comprised persons from all walks of life including Science Professors from the then University College of the West Indies now UWI (University of the West Indies), Mona.

The UWI is re-extending this invitation again to the General Public to re-engage with the stars and behold the beauty of the stars, planets and other phenomenon in the Milky Way Galaxy.

So grab a cushion and an open mind and join the AAJ at their Celestial Viewing Event. Sharing is caring so share this with as many of your friends as you can.

Here’s the link

AAJ (Astronomical Association of Jamaica)

Event post Facebook for the Celestial Viewing.

How to get a JA$2500 Vonino Zylo Z smartphone when you switch to FLOW Jamaica

Hello FLOW Jamaica Fans!!!! Needs a smartphone for your kids to start school right?

Then head on down to your nearest FLOW Store and switch to FLOW and get a JA$2900 Vonino Zylo Z smartphone for as per the post on @FLOWJamaica.

Here’s more details on the Vonino Zylo Z smartphone as explained on FLOW’s Facebook Feed.

To get the Vonino Zylo Z smartphone for JA$2900 once you sign up to a JA$899 7 Day Gig Up plan that provides:

  • 2 GB Data
  • 500 Min talk time
  • 500 Texts

Even better, when you switch the SIM Card will come loaded with the same 7 Day Gig Up, making this a double value deal!!! This is a really basic phone, but it’s worth every penny.

Sharing is Caring so share this with your friends as the offer ends Friday August 17th 2018!!!

GraceKennedy Limited Amazon Store Grows as they aim for JA$1 billion by 2020

“Shopping online allows greater access and convenience for existing and new consumers via one of the largest online shopping portals”

GK CEO Don Wehby commenting on their Amazon Store

GraceKennedy Limited now has more products on Amazon (Bennett, 2018, August 08) than before. They now have two more products added to their lineup on their Amazon store, which you can visit here:

  • US$14.94 Grace Coconut Milk Powder 500ml in packs of 6
  • US$35.00 Grace Coconut Milk Powder 500ml in packs of 24
  • US$38.49Grace Coconut Milk Powder 500ml in packs of 36
  • US$54.00 no pulp Grace Pure Coconut Water

The new product offerings now bring to 59 the total number of products being offered by GraceKennedy and its subsidiary La Fe Foods on Amazon, including:

  • Grace Mackerel
  • Tropical Rhythms
  • Grace Ackees

Still, Grace Coconut Powder and Jerk Seasoning are currently listed as the most popular products for consumers, with their Jerk Seasoning even having an ebook (Deer, 2017, October 10) on how best to use the product.

Total sales thus far for racking up sales to date of Grace Coconut Powder and Jerk Seasoning are 101 and 362 units respectively, mainly coming from the Canadian Market.

So what does GraceKennedy have in mind for their store?

GraceKennedy and Amazon – Losses acceptable as Brand Awareness increases

GraceKennedy has embarked on a journey to achieve the following:

  • Performance
  • Shareholder value

Since 2018, they have been reviewing the following parts of their company with an aim to achieve JA$100 billion in revenues by 2020:

  • Overall organizational design
  • Cost structure
  • Business processes

According to Wehby this not only benefits them financially, but is a part of the run up to the 100th Anniversary to achieve this revenue goal, quote: “The organisational changes will allow us to leverage the existing strengths within the group as we continuously look at ways of improving the way we do things for the benefit of all stakeholders. We look forward to reaching our 100th anniversary more energised and well on our way to realizing our goal of becoming a global consumer group”.

GraceKennedy Limited is seeking to drive up sales in the Canadian market. Since the launch on Amazon in August 2015, CEO Don Wehby has noted that the company’s footprint in the US covers 39 states and continues to grow.

They’ve received order from the US military and as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. Their main secret weapon has been their Natural Juices, which they hope will take advantage of the consumer drive towards healthier drink options (Deer, 2016, January 3) instead of consuming sodas.

So is there any indication that GraceKennedy will achieve JA$1 billion by 2020?

GraceKennedy’s JA$1 billion – Online Sales from Canada and USA driven by Health concerns

Already the numbers for the first 6 months of 2018 are positive and should make investors bullish about investing in GraceKennedy stock:

  • JA$48.4 billion in Revenue
  • 3% or J$2 billion increase compared with 2017
  • JA$2.5 billion Net profit
  • 2% or J$266.1 million increase compared with 2017

Mr. Wehby attributed to growth in the Group’s domestic foods business and insurance segments. Despite this, GraceKennedy’s international foods business experienced a decline in pre-tax profits in 2018 compared to the first six months of 2017.

This was mainly due to the performance of Grace Foods UK Limited which made significant investments in the Nurishment and Aloe brands (Deer, 2016, January 3) resulting in increased costs.

Still, this will lead to more sustained brand value as more Canadians get hip to their Jamaican Products and the idea that they are packed to be much healthier.


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