Reflection – Week 01

On Thursday September 11th 2014, I was looking for my “Becoming a Teacher” class on the MICO College University Campus. It was my first day and I was completely lost and disoriented after wandering around the MICO College University College for almost twenty minutes.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens

When I finally found the classroom, it was on the wrong side of the campus at IF2A. I felt confused and annoyed. It was also hot as there was a fan at the back of the classroom that was noise.

As I introduced myself, I realized the teacher’s teaching style was very authoritative (Grasha & Grasha, 1996). I don’t know her name but she made reference to a textbook and made it seem as if it was short to read when it was quite a thick-sized novel.

I realized that this course would require a lot of personal attention to detail on my part, especially with the coursework, which seemed somewhat lacking.

I thus came to the conclusion that I’d have to work hard at this class, especially at the Journal. I decided to research the Gibbs Reflection Model (Gibbs, 1988) and find out the correct layout.

I also planned to write my reflection in little jottings each day into a dedicated notebook and then compile them over the weekend so that I’d be read to publish once the day came for them to be handed in.


[1] Grasha & Grasha (1996). Teaching with Style. Pittsburgh, PA: Allianc.
[2] Gibbs, G. (1988) Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Further Education Unit, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.e Publishers.


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