Reflection – Week 02

On Thursday September 18th 2014, I came to my “Becoming a Teacher” class late in the cramped CG3 Classroom. The classroom was dusty, dirty and unswept. Food containers were left on the tables and the board wasn’t clean.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (2)

I came and there was no chair, so I had to get one from next door. This made me feel like a refugee, as if I was some forgotten stranger among a sea of faces.

The drab appearance of the classroom and the boring teaching style of Mrs. Howell-Williams added to the frustration. Worse there was no A.C. (McGuffey, 1972), which made learning uncomfortable. I seriously thought about quitting the course at this point!

There was no Course Outline no textbook for her course. The ad-hoc nature of her teaching and the drab colours in the classroom (Maslow & Mintz, 1956) meant I couldn’t focus as I drifted.

I concluded I was in a class with a fun-loving teacher who was trying to make a bad situation. I figured that if I adopted a positive attitude (Stockard & Mayberry, 1992), then it would also make a bad situation worse.

I decided to get as much inform on the course to succeed, starting with the course material and the course outline.


[1] McGuffey, C.W. (1972). Pupil attitudes toward existing schools as compared to new fully carpeted, air-conditioned schools. Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia.
[2] Maslow, A.H. & Mintz, N.L. (1956). Effects of aesthetic surroundings: Initial effects of three aesthetic conditions upon perceiving, “energy”, and “well-being” in faces. Journal of Psychology, 41, 247-254.
[3] Stockard, J. & Mayberry, M. (1992). Effective educational environments. Oregon (ERIC Document Reproduction Services No. ED350674).


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