Reflection – Week 03

On the 25th of September 2014, I again came to classes late. All the chairs were occupied, forcing me to go to an adjoining room to get a chair.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (3)

The topic which was on various methods of reflection, seemed fitting. It made me reflect on how tired I felt and how the room made me feel so tired as well.

The class aesthetics (Christopher, 1988) felt off and the negative but I just took notes and said nothing. I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that little preparation went into our classroom arrangements, as we didn’t seem stable.

I realized that the classroom was run down and abandoned; my analysis was that we too we becoming abandoned in this drab class. I worried that we were being left behind in this College to fend for ourselves, especially as many of their degree programs (Jovan, 2014), including the Professional Diploma in Teaching, weren’t accredited.

Despite the negative colours and the torn Cartridge Paper on the front of the walls, I concluded that the Reflection Project and the class was priority, not matter how I felt. So I started the process of forming my group and gathering their contact information.

I resolved to get the contact info for my group and get the presentation for my first Project going. I also resolved to make this and exciting Project, being as would be my first time working with my classmates.


[1] Christopher, G. (1988). The aesthetic environment and student learning. School Business Affairs, 54(1), 26-27.
[2] Jovan J. (2014, August 27). Mico Revelation: 14 Bachelor Of Education Programmes Awaiting Accreditation. The Jamaica Gleaner. Retrieved from


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