Reflection – Week 04

I came to class on Thursday October 10th 2014 to be greeted by a still un-swept CG3 Classroom with torn down Cartridge Paper.The lack of comfortable chairs, as they were all metal, was the last straw for me. However that day proved to be a day of change. Others had complained and we were moved to Room 5 in the Continuing Studies Department.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (4)

I felt happy about the move overall. Finally we had a classroom of our own. Best of all it had A.C.(Air Conditioning) so it was cool and comfortable.

I realized on evaluating the situation that this was much better than the CG3 classroom. I’d have loved a bigger classroom, but this was far more comfortable (Phillips, 2014) and I could feel myself learning.

My only grouse was that it was a small classroom and the desks were jumbled together. Still, it was a great deal more comfortable than the nasty CG3 classroom.

I conclude that this was a good move and that I’d take awhile to memorize this new location and make sure it was affixed in my mind.

I decided to make this course work again. I realize that possibly this course was going through some birthing pangs so as the guinea pigs, they were still sorting thing out. I concluded that along with the Registration, process, things were slowly showing progress.


[1] Phillips, M. (2014, May 20). A Place for Learning: The Physical Environment of Classrooms. General format. Retrieved from


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