Reflection – Week 07

On Thursday October 23rd 2014, the day was Clear and bright. I came to class with the expectation that I’d be asked about the Questionnaire for the First Assignment.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (7)

Instead, we focused on found two (2) exercises about Self-Awareness (Demetriou & Kazi, 2006) and Self-Efficacy (Bandura, 1991) and its impact on my Social Development since High School. This exercise made me feel very nostalgic as my mind went back to high school and the events that led me to this point in my life.

One had us reveal adjectives expressing how we felt about certain items and how it related to our emotions. The other was drawing a tree tracking the external influences that helped to shape who we are and our plans for the future.

I felt this allowed me to reflect on the past and procrastination (Ariely & Wertenbroch, 2002). about for myself what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Classes ended early as Mrs. Howell-Williams gave us time to brainstorm on our Projects. Based on the lessons influence we completed the questionnaire for use over the weekend.

My group resolved to meet on Sunday October 26th 2014 and have the Project ready for presentation by next week. We decided to finish the questionnaire over the weekend and start asking persons to do the questionnaire (Fulton, 2014). so that we’d have results to compile our presentation and Report.


[1] Ariely, D., & Wertenbroch, K. (2002). Procrastination, deadlines, and performance: Self-control by precommitment. Psychological Science, 13, 219–224.
[2] Bandura, A. (1991a). Self-efficacy mechanism in physiological activation and health-promoting behavior. In J. Madden, IV (Ed.), Neurobiology of learning, emotion and affect (pp. 229- 270). New York: Raven.
[3] Demetriou, A., & Kazi, S. (2006). Self-awareness in g (with processing efficiency and reasoning). Intelligence, 34, 297–317.
[4] Fulton, B.R. (2014). ORGANIZATIONAL SURVEYS: USING RESPONSE ENHANCING STRATEGIES AND CONDUCTING NONRESPONSE ANALYSES. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings. p1039-1044. 6p. Retrieved from


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