Reflection – Week 08

On Thursday October 30th 2014, I arrived at the Continuing Studies Department in Room 5, a hive of preparation. My fellow classmate was in their groups getting ready for their presentation, As usual Mrs. Howell-Williams was late. Time for a quick meeting with my group!

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (7)

I was feeling nervous as we had only begun preparations for the presentations two (2) days ago. Worse, the group before us wasn’t ready, forcing us to do a quick, impromptu presentation, which added to my nervousness, as I had a slight fear (Lamont & Groskop, 2013) of Public Speaking.

But thankfully, because we had most of the material in our heads, we made a valiant effort. The team pulled it together and delivered our presentation, despite a few presentation hiccups. These included having a slideshow but no skit as we’d planned on Sunday October 26th 2014. Also, we hadn’t included one of our team members in the presentation, resulting in Mrs. Howell-Williams chiding us about (Caruso & Wooley, 2008) teamwork.

Other had more elaborate presentations involving skits and Videos; our got to the point and thus appeared to be boring by comparison. We were quizzed by Mrs. Howell-Williams, for which we had prepared, but stumble on the issue of us working as a team.

Due to this stumble, we resolved to work more closely as a team on the next upcoming Projects. The focus was on completing the written report for presentation by next week. Full speed ahead!


[1] Caruso, H.M., & Wooley, A.W. (2008). Harnessing the power of emergent interdependence to promote diverse team collaboration. Diversity and Groups. 11, 245-266.
[2] amont, T. & Groskop, V. (2013, November 2). Is public speaking really that scary? The UK Guardian. Retrieved from


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