Reflection – Week 09

On Thursday November 6th 2014, I came to class after spending nearly all the day preparing for yet another presentation. This time it was an advertisement about ourselves. I was thus quite dismayed when I came and no such presentation was required.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (8)

I was quite upset as Navadeen, a fellow classmate whom I’d met in the E-Learning Lab, had spent a considerable amount of time preparing our presentations. Now we were being told that it would be done next week!

The rest of the class was spent on the topic of evaluating the expectations of a Teacher as an activity involving Cartridge Paper and doing a Content Map. It was quite interesting, especially as it drew upon the presentation from the week before, making the discussion very relevant.

I got the chance yet again to present, thereby improving my presentation skills. I was a bit nervous but unlike the last class, I didn’t go off on a tangent (Kemp, 2013) and I stayed true to that which I was presenting.

I felt I have been slowly improving my presentation and Public speaking skills. However, this is a small audience of classmates. I’d love to do the same thing in front of a larger group of strangers (Aakash, 2013).

I still had my advertisement simmering on my mind and thus resolved to improve it some more come the next class.


[1] Aakash. (2013, July 15). How to overcome shyness with strangers? Public speaking & personality development video. [Video file]. Retrieved from
[2] Kemp, J. (2013, October 11). Public Speaking: Need for Audience Centered Presenters. General format. Retrieved from



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