Reflection – Week 10

On Thursday November 13th 2014, I came to class at the Continuing Studies Department in Room 5 after having survived a disastrous presentation from Fundamentals of Literacy a day prior.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (9)

I felt relieved as I was expecting some positive uplifting activity to end the week on a cheerful note. I wasn’t disappointed.

While in the classroom, Mrs. Howell-Williams told us to bring our Journals with the reflections we’d been keeping for the Next Class. I’d been faithfully keeping in a small notebook, so I was always ready for this day.

In class we explored the question of whether teaching should be considered a (Pearson, 2014) profession or not. We explored both the reason for and against teaching being considered a profession as well as the Code of Ethics (Jamaica Teacher’s Association, 2014), the JTA (Jamaica Teachers Association) and the Regulations that guide Teaching as a Profession.

The activity shed details on Teaching in Jamaica, it appears we have some ways to go before Teaching can be regarded as a true profession.

Based on my notes, I resolved to do my reflection and mo research into Teaching as a Profession. I also realized that if I was to become a true Teacher, I’d have to learn more about becoming a Registered Teacher as well as membership (Jamaica Teacher’s Association, 2014) with the JTA.


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[3] Pearson, C. (2014, April 13). Teacher Professionalism In Jamaica. The Jamaica Gleaner. Retrieved from


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