Reflection – Week 11

On Tuesday November 20th 2014, I came to school early. I met Mrs. Howell-Williams in persons eventually and explained to her that I had to attend. The speaker, CEO of Entertainment Arts Research Interactive Dr. Joseph Saulter, had read a proposal for a Samsung sponsored Competition to promote Video Game Development in Jamaica.

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens (9)

I felt excited that I had gotten this opportunity. I too Mrs. Howell-Williams advice and went home and changed into more appropriate attire. When I went to the function, it was in a small room upstairs.

He spoke on Jamaica’s earning potential in Video Games. He also made sure to mention how a Jamaica could break into the Video Game Design World and make money (Deer, 2014).

I realize he’s really come to Jamaica to evangelize. He’d spoken at the UWI (Anderson, 2014) in October, encouraging Jamaicans to pursue Video Game Development.

I realized that he wasn’t going to be the one to put forward any money to develop Video Games. However, based on his feedback about my proposal, he sounded very interested in the idea of a Video Game competition and pledged his support.

He advised me to make sure do the proposal with a Cost Analysis and also reformat it and suggest it to other companies as well. Samsung may not be interested, but other might. I resolved to finish the Proposal, send it off to Samsung and follow his advice.


[1] Anderson, K. (2014, October 20). Prof: Game Design Could Boost Economy’. The Jamaica Gleaner. Retrieved from
[2] Deer, L. (2014, October 20). Prof. Joseph Saulter’s Digital Game Design and Development Conference – US$112 Billion Video Gaming Industry may be Jamaicans Next BPO. Retrieved from website



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