The Fastest Way to Peel Apples and Potatoes using a Power Drill

I love watching videos on YouTube. Rather than being a random connoisseur of videos on YouTube, I actually have a watchlist of Channels (Deer, 2014) that I regularly watch. That list has grown significantly bigger and includes some popular YouTubers:

  1. DNews
  2. Testube
  3. Smosh
  4. Veritasium
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. Screen Junkies
  7. CNET TV
  8. The Jamaica Observer
  9. The Jamaica Gleaner
  10. NBC News
  11. WSJ Digital Network
  12. CVM Television
  13. Zoella
  14. Andre Brown
  15. Periodic Videos
  16. Rebecca
  17. Watch JIS

Every so often, I come across a few gems that I think are noteworthy enough to make nice short and quick blog articles. Take for example the Crazy Russian Hacker and his method of peeling Apples (CrazyRussianHacker , June 2014) and potatoes (CrazyRussianHacker , August 2014) using a Power Drill.

MICO Wars - The Fastest Way to Peel Apples and Potatoes using a Power Drill - 14-12-2014 LHDEER

First I’ll show the video for his method of peeling Potatoes in under a second using nothing more than a power drill and a freshly purchased Toilet Brush. This was back in June 2014.

Then two (2) months later he did the same thing using an Apple and a Power Drill and ironically, a Cheese Shaver, albeit I suspect a Potato peeler would work just as well.

Good to note in both methods he did peel the fruits in under a minute…or two. Best of all, these methods can be adapted to peel other types of Fruit that have similar skin and cross-sectional shape. So subscribe to the Crazy Russian Hacker s I search for more YouTube gems worth talking about.

Here’s the link:

Crazy Russian Hacker YouTube Channel

CrazyRussianHacker Instagram

CrazyRussianHacker Facebook Page

CrazyRussianHacker twitter Account


[1] CrazyRussianHacker. (2014, June 30). How to Peel Potatoes The Fastest Way [Video]. Retrieved from

[2] CrazyRussianHacker. (2014, August 24). How to Peel an Apples the Fastest Way [Video]. Retrieved from



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