Gotham Greens now the Largest Rooftop Greenhouse – Alternative Hydroponics Farming Path

“Gotham Greens shares our goal of using business as a force for social and environmental good. We are thrilled to partner with a like-minded organization, who has demonstrated that the innovative, adaptive use of urban space can make a significant impact on local communities.” 

Method CEO Drew Fraser commenting on their partnership with Gotham Greens to build a 75,000-square-foot Rooftop Garden in the South of Chicago

It’s great every now and again it’s good to read about a company that’s not trying to destroy the environment but helping to make our living spaces greener.

San-Francisco, California based Method, a Organic Cleaning Product company, has teamed up with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Gotham Greens, specialist in Greenhouses and Rooftop Gardens to build what is being billed as the (Clancy, 2014) largest Rooftop Garden in the World.

MICO Wars - Gotham Greens’ Rooftop Greenhouse for Method - The Largest Rooftop Greenhouse an Alternative Path to Farming -30-12-2014 LHDEER

Announced in October 2014, the 75,000-square-foot manufacturing plant designed by William McDonough + Partners is slated to begin construction in the First Quarter of 2015. This architectural marvel reminds me of Digicel Headquarters on Ocean Boulevard (Deer, 2011) in Downtown Kingston, which runs completely on Solar, and Wind Turbines.

Located in the south of Chicago, the Rooftop Gardens to be built atop the manufacturing plant by Gotham Greens are designed to produce some 1 million pounds of Fresh produce each year for sale to local restaurants and grocery stores, such as the uber-expensive Whole Foods.

The Largest Rooftop Greenhouse in the World shines an Alternative Path to Farming

The planned Mega greenhouses will have some pretty advanced features. Powered by solar Panels and possibly Wind Turbines, the Greenhouse will use specially tinted windows and open Air ventilation to reduce the need for fans to move air within the facility to keep the plants growing at the right temperature.

The new manufacturing plant will be one of only two (2) LEED platinum certified factories. 50% of the power at the facility will be handles by Alternative Energy installation, the rest being handled by Solar Panels and a Refurbished Wind Turbine.

Additionally, LED Lighting will be installed to save on power and thus make this installation as energy efficient as possible. Rooftop Gardens of this type are already pretty efficient, using 5% less land and 10% less Water.

But at this scale, it makes one wonder if the way in which we use our urban spaces is somehow inefficient, as potentially there are lots of rooftop spaces just waiting to be converted to Hydroponics Rooftop Greenhouses (Deer, 2013), even here in Jamaica.


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