JA$1 million Lignum Vitae Writing Awards launched to encourage New Jamaican Writers

“We are building on the solid foundation laid down by the National Book Development Council. The Una Marson and Vic Reid Awards have been won by esteemed Jamaican writers such as Professor Mervyn Morris, Pam Mordecai, Garfield Ellis and Kei Miller,”

JaWS (Jamaican Writers Society) President Tanya Batson-Savage at the St Andrew Parish Library, Tom Redcam Drive, Kingston on Tuesday February 10th, 2015 during the launch of the Lignum Vitae Writing Awards

Finally, my prayers have been partially answered; Jamaica now has a Writing Competition that actually pays Digicel Rising Stars level money as I’ve long opined (Deer, 2014 May 18) called the Lignum Vitae Writing Awards.

MICO Wars - US$1 million Lignum Vitae Writing Awards launched to encourage New Jamaican Writers - 27-02-2015 LHDEER

The Competition, named after the Jamaican national flower that also happens to be a potential cure (Deer, 2014, August 16) for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) being developed by Dr. Henry Lowe of Medicanja fame, was launched with the intention to be the panacea for the ailing literary community. Yes folks, increased prize money can do that, Digicel Rising Star’s style!

Launched at the St Andrew Parish Library, Tom Redcam Drive, Kingston on Tuesday February 10th, 2015, the Lignum Vitae Writing Awards combines (Karin, 2015) the following three (3) awards into one:

  • Jean D’Costa Award for children’s fiction
  • Una Marson Award for adult literature
  • Vic Reid Award for young adult fiction

The Vic Reid Award and the Una Marson Award are long established awards. The Jean D’Costa Award is brand new and is being launched this year as well.

You can check out the newly created The Lignum Vitae Writing Award Facebok page as well as The Jamaica Writer’s Society Website and The Jamaica Writer’s Society Facebook Page, both of which barely have traffic, thanks to having no prior advertising…as I didn’t even knew they existed!

Writing in Jamaica is dead due to lack of Financial Compensation

In Jamaica, the financial compensation for Writers is lacking. For this reason, many have turned to blogging or self-publishing, with full-time writing being reduced to a mere part-time hobby, as writing cannot put food on the table.

Thus for this reason, very few Caribbean authors outside of those already published have emerged.

So it’s good to hear that even the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce wants to have writers earn a living purely from writing to quote Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce Sandra Ffolkes Abrahams: “What we want to do is make it an industry [so that writers can] get the money you should have been getting for many years and making a living off your talent”.

Lignum Vitae Writing Awards – By their Power Combined, Awards for Starving Jamaican Writers

Apparently, like Captain Planet, with their powers combined, they’ve joined forces to offer a total of JA$1,000,000 (Cooke, 2015) as follows:

  • JA$500,000.00 if you win the Una Marson Award for adult literature
  • JA$250,000.00 if you win the Vic Reid Award for young adult fiction
  • JA$250,000.00 if you win the Jean D’Costa Award for children’s fiction

JAMCOPY Chairman Mark Thomas hinted at the possibility that the prize money may double, possibly if Corporate Jamaica pitch in an extra JA$2 million more to make it a cool JA$3 million with JAMCOPY standing to benefit, quote: “It is not a lot of money, but it is an important start. We hope that as JAMCOPY’s collections grow, we can offer even larger prizes to writers”.

How’s about a cool US$1 million instead!? Just a thought……

The Lignum Vitae Writing Awards is open to all Jamaican writers of all ages, both locally and internationally (Jamaican Writers Society, 2015), as well as Foreigners who’ve been in a Jamaica and overstayed their visitor’s VISA and settled down as Naturalized Jamaicans. Entries can be Novels, collections of short stories and creative non-fiction works including essay collections.

Interestingly, there is an entry fee of JA$4000 for the Una Marson Award for adult literature and a JA$2000 entry fee for both the Vic Reid Award for young adult fiction as well as the Jean D’Costa Award for children’s fiction. I guess you have to be VERY serious about entering and is really a measure to keep spammers from sending in pointless entries.

The Lignum Vitae Writing Awards accepts manuscripts only and they must be submitted anonymously i.e. don’t use your real name, merely a pen-name and include a contact email (not spelt in your name!), phone number and an address so that when you’re selected, they can contact you…..also anonymously.

Your anonymous manuscript will be judged by a panel consisting of some very old people who’ve been writing or lecturing or criticizing written work for long enough to know when something is worth publishing. Hence by not including your name, not only is it keeping with a well established literary tradition, but it also protects you from Writer’s bias.

JAWS and JAMCOPY taking action to jumpstart Writing Industry in Jamaica

Basically, it’s JAWS and JAMCOPY’s VC (Venture Capital) time being offered by Uptown people, as apparently Writing is on the decline to the point that this drastic intervention was necessary.

Now the prizes are combined to create a Digicel-like Competition for Writers seems like the prescription for the Writing Industry that the Doctor Bird, our other National Symbol, ordered!

Even the Government of Jamaica is getting in on the act, with Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce Sandra Ffolkes Abrahams talking about Writing as the next Usain Bolt Moment, quote: “Writing awards are an important way to celebrate great writing and bring it to public attention. Jamaican writing is currently enjoying an amazing level of international attention and it is important that we at home also honour and celebrate our writers”.

Albeit not much, if your manuscript wins, you can use it to self-publish your Book (La Font, 2014) on your own Website or Blog, with the money used to advertise and draw traffic to your Website or Blog.

If you don’t, the publicity surrounding your entry will be enough to drive traffic to any blog or Website you can set up to promote your blog. Either way, it’s a win-win for the entrant, as your success in Writing comes down to how you promote yourself using Traditional and Social Media post Lignum Vitae Writing Awards……just like Rising Stars!

Just remember to register and copyright your as-yet-to-be-published work via a Poor Man’s Copyright (Deer, 2013, November 13) and register it with JIPO and JAMCOPY.

But hurry, the deadline is Tuesday June 30th 2015 to submit your manuscripts with the winner being chosen in October 2015. Email Scarlett Beharie (sdbeharie@gmail.com) and she’ll send you a boatload of details!

Here’s the link:

Background on the Lignum Vitae Writing Awards

The Lignum Vitae Writing Awards Facebook Pages

The Jamaica Writer’s Society Website

The Jamaica Writer’s Society Facebook Page




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How to stream 50,000 Free Songs from your Google Play Music Locker to your smartphone

Is your smartphone’s MicroSD Card running out of space to store those hundreds of thousands songs that you listen to on your daily commute? Are you also a little tired of what’s on streaming Radio Stations (Deer, 2015), especially here in Jamaica.

If like many people you have more than 20,000 Songs, perhaps what you need is a Cloud Drive that allows you to store and stream up to 50,000 of (Mitroff, 2015) your own songs.

50K Locker Launch Image

Yes indeed, your own music, folks, thanks to Google Play Music, Google’s answer to Spotify and Rdio Music Streaming.

How to Stream 50,000 Songs via Google Play Music – Apple iTunes beaten by free Music Storage

To take advantage of the service, simply log into Google Play Music. Here’s a quick tutorial on Google Play Music.

Then grab your Music files and drag and drop them into Google Play Music, which has an interface similar to Google Drive and even comes with step by step (Etherington, 2015) instructions on via the Press Release on the Android Official Blog.

This involves either installing a Chrome app or using the Music Manager software to automate and streamline your Music Synching, making you wonder why you even had Apple iTunes. Once uploaded, you can then access your music using the Google Play Music web interface or the Google Play Music Chrome Desktop app.

Alternately, you can also download the Google Play Music App for your Android smartphone form the Google Play Store or if you have an Apple iPhone and you’re not feeling Apple iTunes anymore, you can opt for the Google Play Music App for your Apple iPhone from the Apple iTunes Store.

If you want step up your game, you can always purchase Google Play Music‘s US$10 per month Streaming Service and take advantage of Google’s 30-million strong library. Albeit not competitive to Apple iTunes’s US$24 per year streaming Service, the free song limit is higher than Apple’s Music Match Service, the rough approximate of Free Streaming, which maxes out at 25,000 songs.

So if you’re someone that binges on music and you have your own taste and you love bopping to your tunes while going about your business, why not create your own Radio Station today using Google Play Music with your collection of 50,000 songs!

Here’s the link:

Google Play Music

Google Play Music App for your Android smartphone

Google Play Music App for your Apple iPhone

Google Play Music Chrome Desktop app

Press Release on the Android Official Blog


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How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can get Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

Yes, it’s official folks!

Microsoft has declared war on all Cloud Storage Services, including the mighty Google (Deer, 2014, June 24) and their free 15GB Google Drive as well as free 7GB Dropbox.

Especially Dropbox!

As of Thursday February 19th 2015, Microsoft is offering 100GB of Free Microsoft OneDrive Cloud storage (Warren, 2015) for one (1) year in a manner similar to the two (2) year offer to Bing users under Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program!

They had already rolled out 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage free (Deer, 2015 February 10) in exchange for signing up for Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program.

MICO Wars - How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage - 20-02-2015 LHDEER (1)

So Folks on this Friday February 20th 2015, queue the song Turn the Beat Around by Gloria Estefan.

Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program was really to entice Internet users to use Bing Search (Chacos, 2015) instead of Google Search. Now they’ve come back with a similar program for Dropbox Cloud drive users, in effect starting a Cloud Storage War! And it’s not even the Summer of 2015 as yet as Winter is still clinging to the cities up North!

So how do you take advantage of this offer?

100GB Microsoft OneDrive for Dropbox users – How 1 year free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive is a good thing

Ok, so now that I’ve gotten the announcement bits out of the way, how do you take advantage of this offer?

Like, Duh, first you have to have a Dropbox Account preferably with a synched folder on your computer, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone.

Then you’ll need to sign up for a Microsoft Outlook email Account.

Once you have a Microsoft Outlook Account, you’ll also automatically get a Free 15GB OneDrive Cloud (Deer, 2014 March 20).

MICO Wars - How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage - 20-02-2015 LHDEER (4)

You can easily opt for Skype Calling in your Browser as well (Deer, 2014, November 24) but that a perk for another article.

Alternately, Dropbox owners, once logged in and while reading this article, can click on this link to get the extra 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Account:  https://preview.onedrive.com/bonus.

To summarize all the above (Hill, 2015), follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Dropbox Account
  2. Go to Microsoft’s Promotion page
  3. Click “Verify and get my storage”
  4. Sign in to your Microsoft OneDrive Account
  5. Click the “Save to Dropbox button” for Microsoft to save a promotional pamphlet to your Dropbox Account
  6. Click the “Save” button
  7. You’ll then see the message “Your bonus storage was successfully applied!”

MICO Wars - How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage - 20-02-2015 LHDEER (3)

Note: If you already have a Microsoft Outlook Account, make sure that Cookies are enabled then sign in to your Dropbox Account (Tung, 2015) and then into your Microsoft Outlook Account.

When you access your Microsoft OneDrive Account, you’ll be given an offer for 100GB of Free Microsoft OneDrive space (LeCalir, 2015) listed as an Enthusiast bonus within the Microsoft OneDrive .

Dropbox users, simply read and accept all of the Terms and Conditions, one of which will require that they place a special Microsoft OneDrive brochure inside of the Dropbox folder to let Microsoft know that they are actually users of their Dropbox service.

Microsoft OneDrive competing against Dropbox – Google Drive may be their next target

That’s it!

Once you’ve done that, dear Dropbox user, you then your get 100GB of Microsoft OneDrive free for one (1) year date effective from the day you signed up, which is Thursday February 19th 2015. After one (1) year, which is February 19th 2016, you’ll have to start paying US$1.99 (£1.99/month) for 100GB without having to subscribe to Office 365 down.

It’s a little bit less than the two (2) years on offer for being a Bing search Loyalist under Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program, which by the way is still available until Saturday February 28th 2015.

But unlike Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program, this offer comes with fewer strings attached. Plus, it’s available to International, including Jamaicans.

Yes, you read that right, dear reader; Jamaicans! Not only is this offer for a free 100 GB Microsoft OneDrive, but it’s also available to ALL international Dropbox users, not just Americans. So no Proxy or VPN (Virtual Private Network) (Deer,2014 September 20) is required for you to get this. US$1.99 (£1.99/month) for 100GB is not a bad deal either after the free trial period is up.

MICO Wars - How Dropbox users and Bing Search users can Free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage - 20-02-2015 LHDEER (2)

More importantly, aside from the capability of uploading 10GB files and folders (Deer,2014 September 15) and sharing links in a manner similar to Google Drive or even Dropbox, you can also up your game and get Microsoft Office 360 with 1TB of storage for Office 365 Personal (Deer, 2014, June 24) for just US$6.99/month (£5.99/month).

Also when you consider that this offer may improve in the future to 1TB or more and is roughly the size of a small portable external Hard-drive, you’ll realize that this isn’t so bad.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Dropbox Account and a Microsoft Outlook Account and get your free 100GB Microsoft OneDrive Account.

Even better, sign up for BOTH the Enthusiast bonus as well as Microsoft’s Free Bing Rewards program and get a whopping total of 200GB free Microsoft OneDrive, VPN and Proxy still required of course!

Microsoft, you made my TGIF wonderful !

Here’s the link:


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft OneDrive

Free Bing Rewards program

Enthusiast bonus


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Apple iWorks for iCloud Beta now Free for Windows, Linux OS and Google Chrome OS

Want an alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint even if it’s free (Deer, 2015), on smartphones and Tablets?

Then maybe you’ll like Apple iWork for iCloud, now free on Windows, Linux OS and Google Chrome OS (Tofel, 2015) users as of Friday February 13th 2015. Sorry Android, nothin’ is free in android land from Apple!


That’s right!

You no longer need to have an Apple product or be logging into Apple iWork for iCloud from an iMac or Macbook Pro via a Safari Browser. Apple now uses a valid email to create the much coveted Apple ID to identify you within iCloud and gives you an introductory 1GB Apple iCloud Account to boot. 

Apple iWork for iCloud – Shadows of the Fappening still darkens the skies for iCloud

If you already have an Apple ID, this is a great way to access your iWorks documents on non-Apple documents, all of which will be stored in the cloud.

This free gesture is a follow-on of their price drop on their Apple iCloud service back in September 2014 in a big to shake off the negative sentiments after the Fappening (Deer, 2014, September 22) where the iCloud Accounts of Celebrities were hacked.


If, however, this is your first time using an Apple product, then having the productive power of iWorks means that you can become a part of Apple’s world. Instead of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you’ll instead get used to the aesthetically (McCormick, 2015) pleasing Apple iWorks Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

This free gesture is paltry in a world where Free Cloud Drives from competitors can be as much as 7GB in the Case of Dropbox, 15GB (Deer, 2013, May 16) in the case of Google Drive and 15GB in the case (Deer, 2014, June 24) of Microsoft OneDrive.

You see, albeit an expansion of Apple iWork for iCloud would boost their marketshare of the Cloud Based Word Processing Market with Microsoft Office 360 and Google Docs already having a huge lead.

It’s the Cloud Drive supporting it that many are interested in and it’s rather small size of 1GB is a bit of a turnoff. Apple needs to increase that as well, and give it capabilities similar to that of Google Drive or even Dropbox.

Still if you’re up for a free Word Processor on the Go, then Apple iWork for iCloud will work well for you as you take a Bite of the Apple!

Here’s the link

Apple iWork for iCloud


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How to get Streaming Jamaican Radio Stations

Now that most Jamaicans seem to have a smartphone since the Great Smartphone Sale of 2014, particularly the Huawei Y330 from LIME (Deer, 2014, December 14) or one of the DLXXX Series from Digicel (Deer, 2014, December 13)  and we all know how to activate a 3G Prepaid Account, Streaming would seem the natural thing.

But that’s not quite the case in Jamaica, as the Mobile Internet speeds are way too slow for streaming video, according to Netflix’s ISP Index for the month of December 2014 (Deer, 2015, February 6). So clearly, we can’t stream Netflix quality Video.

jamaican-radio-stations 1

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t stream our Local Jamaican Radio Stations.  Most of them are available for Streaming using Third-Party Cloud Platforms (Deer, 2014, February 9) powered in the following formats:

Streaming Jamaican Radio Stations – Websites for the Laptop and Desktop People 

So here’s the list. First, I’ll start with the embedded scripting hosted on the Radio Stations Website for the Desktop and Laptop people who listen to their Radio in the office:

Good to note some of these Radio Stations don’t even have their own website, resorting to Facebook in some cases. Also, almost all of them use a third-party website as their Streaming Platform.

Finally, and most frustratingly of all, some of them may not even have Streaming properly integrated into their Website, outdated Plugins to support Streaming or Scripting errors in how the Streaming was implemented by the Radio Station. 

Streaming Jamaican Radio Stations – Websites that Aggregate the Radio Stations

To that end, my second list would be of greater interest, as in searching for the websites for these Radio stations, I bumped into two (2) main Websites that Aggregate the Radio Stations onto one single page:

You just click on the icon representation the Radio Station that you want and it plays. Again, not all of them work, a fact true for both websites, again possibly due to outdated Plugins to support Streaming or Scripting errors in how the Streaming was implemented by the Radio Station.

Streaming Jamaican Radio Stations – App on Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores

This finally brings me to the last option for those who can’t bother to open their Default Android Browser: Streaming Apps. A Few Radio Stations have invested in Streaming Apps, sensing that the Smartphone revolution was coming, as not all Millennials (ages 18 to 28) and Teenagers (ages 13 to 17) totin’s smartphones actually use the built in FM Radio.

Here’s the list of Jamaican Radio Stations that have Apps on the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store:

Of course, like the Websites that Aggregate the Radio Stations, there are also Apps on BOTH Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store that do the same thing. These are especially useful if you don’t want to clutter the homepage of your smartphone with Apps. 

Streaming Jamaican Radio Stations – Can’t Stream Video, Stream Jamaican Radio Stations

It’s an exhaustively long list which I cannot list here, so simply searching for “Jamaican Radio Stations” will yield some good results and it up to you to try them out.

So the next time you thing there is no streaming in Jamaica, just peruse my Streaming list. We can’t quite stream video as yet, but if you have 1Mbps Internet Speed, you can certainly Stream Radio without much trouble.


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