US$125 Miito Induction Kettle uses Induction to Boil water in any container

“Simply fill your cup with water, place it on to the induction base and immerse the rod in the liquid. The induction base heats the rod, which then heats the liquid surrounding it. Miito works with non-ferrous vessels of any size, for example a pot of tea when inviting guests. Miito can also heat your soup or milk for a coffee. The clean shape of the rod allows it to be cleaned easily”

Mitto website explaining how the Induction Kettle works

What if I told you that you’re wasting energy every time you fill your Kettle to boil water? Only to use one Cup?

Well here comes 24 y-o Designer Nils Chudy from Germany and his partner-in-crime Jasmina Grase, who’ve designed the US$125 Miito Induction Kettle (Starr, 2015) that does just that.

MICO Wars - US$125 Miito Induction Kettle uses Induction to Boil water in any container - 15-02-2015 LHDEER (1)

So I’ve mused to myself many time at my apartment where I live, as I realize that the wasted Energy from boiling excess water in the Kettle costs approximately US$105 million (£68 million) annually, according to a 2013 report (BBC News, 2013) (Winch, 2013) done by the EST (Energy Saving Trust).

You know of course, you can’t just boil one cup of water as that inefficient; it’s actually better if you and your flatmates at the place you’re staying all boil your water for a Cup of Soup, Coffee, Tea or whatever…all at once.

All that could be avoided by all of us on the flat agreeing to boil only enough for all four (4). But alas, that’s not the case, as we all have different sleep cycles and we come and go at different times.

But what if you could boil only one cup of Water?

This was the dilemma that Designer Nils Chudy sought to answer, inspecting appliances form Traditional Kettles to popcorn popper (Hickey, 2015) before realizing that the answer lay with his parent’s Induction Cooker.

US$125 Miito Induction Kettle – How Induction can Boil water in any container

Over the course of a year, he and his friend Jasmina Grase tinkered with the idea and thus the Miito Induction Kettle was born.

MICO Wars - US$125 Miito Induction Kettle uses Induction to Boil water in any container - 15-02-2015 LHDEER (3)

Consisting of just a base that gives off a rapidly rotating magnetic field that’s changing polarity at a very high frequency, the result is that anything that’s ferrous will be in a constant state of changing magnetic polarity. Based on the hysteresis curve for a particular metal, the resistance to this changing magnetic field within the metals causes a heating effect.

In the case of the Miito Induction Kettle, that heating effect is experienced by a metallic rod with an 18 cm disk at the end and an insulated tip for safe handling. Heating liquids, be it tea of coffee become simply a matter of placing the rod inside of the liquid, turning on the Induction heater and it’s rapidly rotating magnetic field and watching the rod heat up the ferrous metal rod and in turn the liquid.

MICO Wars - US$125 Miito Induction Kettle uses Induction to Boil water in any container - 15-02-2015 LHDEER (4)

As Designer Nils Chudy explains it, you can use any container to boil your water, quote: “There is the induction base on the bottom. It sends out this electromagnetic field, a field of energy that only heats ferrous materials – meaning only things that contain iron, for example steel. It sends out this electromagnetic field and the rod is the only part that gets heated up because it is iron based. Any glass that you would put on it is not heated [neither is] stone or porcelain – ceramics in general. With the induction base you put the glass or vessel on it and put the stick inside and the only thing that gets heated is the bottom disk of the stick.”

Interest in the Mitto is high – Crowdfunding need for this precision Water Heater

Already enquiries have been pouring in, pun not intended!

Hotels like the design as it can discretely boil water in Hotel rooms, an added perk for those wishing not to be disturbed. It also has the potential to deliver precise amounts of consistent heat when heating things such as baby formula or even Green Tea.

The main problem with the design is that the material used to make the rod is Iron, which is not food safe. A stainless Steel or even a Ceramic Rod infused with Ferrous particles is preferable. Also the handle can be made of a ceramic insulator to add both aesthetic value as well as to act as a better insulator.

MICO Wars - US$125 Miito Induction Kettle uses Induction to Boil water in any container - 15-02-2015 LHDEER (2)

Additionally, a thermostat needs to be added to the metal rod so as to wirelessly communicate with the Induction kettle, possible via Bluetooth to tell it to turn of when it reaches the desired temperature. This Bluetooth connectivity would work in much the same way that it does for the magnetically levitated speaker, the (Deer, 2015) Mars by Crazybaby Levitating Bluetooth Speaker.

A good kickstarter would wean them off family and friend and make the Miito Induction Kettle the next Kickstarter or IndieGogo Project that you’ll definitely want to be a part of. Best of all, at US$125 (£80), the price is right for just a cup of Tea, Earl Grey, done to the temperature that you like!

Here’s the link:

Miito Induction Kettle


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