Apple iWorks for iCloud Beta now Free for Windows, Linux OS and Google Chrome OS

Want an alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint even if it’s free (Deer, 2015), on smartphones and Tablets?

Then maybe you’ll like Apple iWork for iCloud, now free on Windows, Linux OS and Google Chrome OS (Tofel, 2015) users as of Friday February 13th 2015. Sorry Android, nothin’ is free in android land from Apple!


That’s right!

You no longer need to have an Apple product or be logging into Apple iWork for iCloud from an iMac or Macbook Pro via a Safari Browser. Apple now uses a valid email to create the much coveted Apple ID to identify you within iCloud and gives you an introductory 1GB Apple iCloud Account to boot. 

Apple iWork for iCloud – Shadows of the Fappening still darkens the skies for iCloud

If you already have an Apple ID, this is a great way to access your iWorks documents on non-Apple documents, all of which will be stored in the cloud.

This free gesture is a follow-on of their price drop on their Apple iCloud service back in September 2014 in a big to shake off the negative sentiments after the Fappening (Deer, 2014, September 22) where the iCloud Accounts of Celebrities were hacked.


If, however, this is your first time using an Apple product, then having the productive power of iWorks means that you can become a part of Apple’s world. Instead of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you’ll instead get used to the aesthetically (McCormick, 2015) pleasing Apple iWorks Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

This free gesture is paltry in a world where Free Cloud Drives from competitors can be as much as 7GB in the Case of Dropbox, 15GB (Deer, 2013, May 16) in the case of Google Drive and 15GB in the case (Deer, 2014, June 24) of Microsoft OneDrive.

You see, albeit an expansion of Apple iWork for iCloud would boost their marketshare of the Cloud Based Word Processing Market with Microsoft Office 360 and Google Docs already having a huge lead.

It’s the Cloud Drive supporting it that many are interested in and it’s rather small size of 1GB is a bit of a turnoff. Apple needs to increase that as well, and give it capabilities similar to that of Google Drive or even Dropbox.

Still if you’re up for a free Word Processor on the Go, then Apple iWork for iCloud will work well for you as you take a Bite of the Apple!

Here’s the link

Apple iWork for iCloud


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