How Remote Mouse can make your Smartphone or Tablet into a Graphic Artiste’s Palette

Ever had a situation where you’re doing a PowerPoint presentation and you want to change a display on the Laptop without walking in front of the Laptop?

Turns out there is an App for that!

Remote mosue

Remote Mouse (Elliott, 2015) turns your Touch Screen smartphones into a touchpad to control your Laptop via Wi-Fi. Available for both Apple iPhones and Google Android smartphones and Tablets, the Remote Mouse App does a lot more than just allow you to remotely control your Apple Mac, Laptop or desktop Computer.

It can make you into a professional Graphic Artiste for free!

Remote Mouse and You – Similar to Chrome Remote Desktop for Android but no Browser

Remote Mouse is very similar to Chrome Remote Desktop for Android and its companion App Google Chrome Remote Desktop (Deer, 2014, May 29) for the Apple Mac, Laptop or desktop Computer. Unlike this product, however, Remote Mouse doesn’t need to have the Google Chrome Browser, which can be installed via the Google Chrome Standalone Installer open all the time to maintain connectivity; it does it via Wi-Fi!

The Pro version of Remote Mouse is now free and allows you to access a Touchpad keyboard in the landscape mode. Interestingly too, it works not only on Smartphones but on Tablets as well. Thus, if you’re a Graphic Artiste, you can turn your Tablet into a touchpad for drawing, once you can buy a Stylus or even possibly make your own (Deer, 2012, March 19) Capacitive Touch Stylus.

For the Remote Mouse installed on your Apple iPhones, Google Android smartphones or Tablets to work, it has to be paired with the Remote Mouse Server Application installed on your Apple Mac,  Windows Laptop and PC in order for you to start drawing. Just make sure your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad, Google Android smartphone or Tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi Network as the Apple Mac of Windows Laptop and PC.

Personally, I wished that this App was really able to use Bluetooth, as it’s a bit of a bother to use Wi-Fi, both in terms of setup and the fact that it drains your Tablet and smartphone’s Battery. Then again, because it over the Internet, you can pretty much stay anywhere in the house and work on your Laptop, provided you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Remote Mouse will make you wonder why Laptops need to have a Trackpad

Remote Mouse is very responsive, especially when used with the Apple products. The software come with several Panels that allow you to control specific parts of your Computer, even remotely shutting down, logging off or restarting your Laptop.

It even has a Swaying Mode that takes advantage of your Tablet or smartphone’s built-in Gyroscope, GPS, Accelerometer and Magnetometer to allow you to move the mouse just by tilting your smartphone or Tablet.

Remote mouse 21

There are additional Panels for the Remote Mouse but they are available via in-App purchase, the apparent new business model of the creators of this App. That’s cool; I just want it to control my Laptop during presentations, for which I wish it had a toggle option to utilize Bluetooth, as my Laptop can be Bluetooth enabled.

Still, if you’re a Graphic Artiste or you’ve lost the usage of your trackpad or you’re simply frustrated with its lack of responsiveness, then maybe the Remote Mouse is the App that you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the link:

Remote Mouse Website

Remote Mouse from the Google Play Store

Remote Mouse FREE from the Apple iTunes

Remote Mouse Server Application

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android 

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Standalone Installer


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One thought on “How Remote Mouse can make your Smartphone or Tablet into a Graphic Artiste’s Palette

  1. It have downloaded this app for the drawing tablet and it does not work sadly. I tried clicking and dragging it, but no matter what, it doesn’t make the strokes


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