How to get a Free @Glarysoft Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 Windows Tune up Utility Program

Look for a high end Windows Tune up Utility Program that won’t make your life a living nightmare?

Then maybe a free copy (Broida, 2015) of Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 for Microsoft Windows in your future to take care of your computer and set it to rights. Granted, if you already have CCleaner (Deer, 2013, August 28) and a few other software, you can do the same thing for free.

glary pro

Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 maintains your PC for you and spots problems before they occur and alerts you of them before it fixes them. It also has some other neat tricks, such as finding and removing duplicate files, cleaning Windows Registry and uninstalling unnecessary unused software and also removing spyware, a task most antivirus cannot do very well.  

How to get Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 for free for hassle-free computer maintenance

So how do you get this freebie?

First download and check your email for the confirmation email. Then you run and install the program and click Activate Now in the lower left corner. Click Refresh and type in or past the username and license copy code supplied in that confirmation email.


You now have Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 for life for a single PC sans the free updates or customer support. If you’re not a computer expert, you might not like this as your lack of knowledge and a lack of support whenever you have a problem may make your issues get worse.

glary utilities

But Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 is a professional software package that normally retails for $39.95 being given to you absolutely free. And unlike some Windows tune up Utility Program, this actually works and is highly rated by the 260 users  who downloaded it from and where CNET’s Editor gave it 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

So what are you waiting for? Download Glary Utilities Pro 5.2 and let this Windows tune up Utility Program take the hassle out of maintaining your computer!

Here’s the link:

Glary Utilities Pro 5.2


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