@Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos Plan and Unlimited Everything Plan beats the competition

“Most people have a lifetime of birthdays, vacations, holidays, and everyday moments stored across numerous devices. And, they don’t know how many gigabytes of storage they need to back all of them up. With the two new plans we are introducing today, customers don’t need to worry about storage space—they now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music, and files in one convenient place”

Director of Amazon Cloud Drive, Josh Petersen in a Statement on Amazon Unlimited Cloud Drive plans

Amazon Cloud Drive has declared war against Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and even Dropbox with two (2) new unlimited (Rubin, 2015) Cloud Storage Plans on Thursday March 26th 2015. These plans are priced as follows:

  • US$12 a year for the Unlimited Photos Plan
  • US$60 a year for the Unlimited Everything Plan to store any file

Both Amazon Cloud Drive plans come with a free three (3) month trial (Moscaritolo, 2015) and the Unlimited Photos Plan comes with 5GB space free to store anything else you like.

MICO Wars - @Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos Plan and Unlimited Everything Plan beats the competition - 29-03-2015 LHDEER

Again, as this bears mentioning, the new Amazon Cloud Drive plans are clearly a direct challenge to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and even Dropbox (Lunden, 2015). The prices are much lower (Newman, 2015) than the (Diallo, 2015), competition:

  • US$100 a year for an Office 365 Home plan with unlimited storage for five users, plus five Office installs.
  • US$119.99 a year for Google’s 1 TB plan
  • US$25 a year for MediaFire with 1 TB of storage
  • US$50 for Yahoo’s Flickr 1TB
  • US$70 a year for Microsoft’s Office 365 Personal plan includes unlimited OneDrive storage and one installation of Office
  • US$99 a year for Dropbox’s 1 TB plan

Please note that these prices really matter to those of you wanting unlimited storage, as Microsoft is currently the only Cloud Drive Provider with that option; everyone else taps out a 1TB. If you really need that much space and 200 GB from Microsoft OneDrive (Deer, 2015, February 20) just won’t cut it, then go unlimited with Amazon Cloud Drive plans.

Here’s the link:

Amazon Cloud Drive


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Rubin, B.F. (2015, March 26). Amazon fluffs up its Cloud services for consumers. Retrieved from http://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-goes-deeper-into-consumer-Cloud-services/


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