How Jamaicans can download free Audiobooks without a Credit Card

Most Jamaican toting a smartphone as if they’re wearing a Walkman. You know, they put on a pair of on-ear or over-the-ear (Deer, 2015 April 1) headphones and listen to their favorite tunes while walking.

MICO Wars - How Jamaicans can download free Audiobooks without a Credit Card - 07-06-2015 LHDEER

Streaming Radio Stations (Deer, 2015 February 16) or listening to music uploaded to your Google Drive account (Deer, 2015 February 25) will uses up most of your megabytes on your data plan, be it LIME or Digicel.

So most Jamaicans, especially Miconians who are on MICO Track Team or Football team as evident from their track bottoms, often walk with their heads thoroughly wrapped up in music blasting through their on-ear headphones. In Jamaica, unless there is Free Wi-Fi available, downloading is still our main way of getting Music.

Most of that music is illegally downloaded either from converting YouTube Videos into music, using Music Indexes (Deer, 2014 May 7), or using (Deer, 2013 August 15) Torrenting websites.

But aside from Comic books which are not that great as Audio Books and are already available via Scribd’s US$8.99 all-you-can-read deal (Deer, 2015 February 11) that gives you access to some 10,000 Comic books, what about Audio Books?

How to get Free Audio Books – Classics read to you by Robotic Text readers

Combining the convenience of listening and reading, Audio Books are basically MP3 of Books that have been narrated with a robotic voice or a voice actor.

The best titles are available on Amazon but are very expensive to purchase as they may be voiced by celebrities or even a cast of actors. In some cases they may be serialized and as such, are technically podcasts.

Great for studying for that exam while jogging or playing sports. So are there any options for free legal downloading, unlike Music?

Yes there are (Widder, 2015), if you can tolerate robotic dictations instead of voiced dictations and reading older books, as the newer Audio Books are going for free anytime soon.

Here’s a list for free Audio Books that you can subscribe to for free to get your Audio Book fix:

Have fun listening to your Audio Books. I’ll soon be doing a blog on how to make your own Audio Book and make money from Audio Books. Also sources of free Podcasts, as Podcasting is becoming quite popular and lucrative.


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