How to download Free Music using Torrenting, Google Index Searches and YouTube to MP3 Converters

I’m quite sure that many Jamaicans have basic to advanced membership with the Pirates of the Caribbean. I honestly cannot remember the last time I purchased Music…probably some time back in the 90’s when I didn’t have a computer and I had a CD Player.

MICO Wars - How to download Free Music using Torrenting, Google Index Searches and YouTube to MP3 Converters - 19-04-2015 LHDEER

Now I mostly listen to my music I’ve downloaded on my little MP4 player I recently purchased downtown which I’ll probably be rocking this Summer of 2015 after exams are over. I get my music via one of three (3) methods:

So let’s get straight into this one as you’ll find this to be a very interesting DIY (Do It Yourself) task this morning.

Downloading High Quality Music via torrenting – Unlimited Music via the Pirates of the Caribbean

To download using Torrents, you’ll need a good list of Torrenting websites:

  1. 1337x
  2. AhaShare
  3. BTScene
  4. ExtraTorrent
  5. H33T
  6. KickassTorrents
  7. LimeTorrents
  8. ProTorrent
  9. SumoTorrent
  10. The Pirate Bay
  11. TorrentBit
  12. Torrents

As I’d mentioned before, I personally prefer KickassTorrents. Now to select the torrenting software to read the torrent file and download your music. Here’s a decent list:

  1. Tixati
  2. UTorrent
  3. Bittorrent
  4. Transmission Bittorrent
  5. Vuze

I’m personally a fan of Bittorrent myself. Once you’ve selected your torrenting website and installed the torrenting software, the procedure is fairly straightforward:

  1. Name of the artiste and their song if you are looking for a single
  2. Name of the artiste and their album name if you’re looking for their album
  3. Name of artiste and the word “Discography” if you wish to download all of their Music (my usual pick)
  4. Search within the Torrenting website for the artiste their album, song or Discography
  5. Select the torrent, make sure it has the maximum number of seeds
  6. Check to see if it got good reviews in case it has problems or is virus laden
  7. Once it’s ok, click on the torrent to automatically start a download

A good download is usually indicated within the software by green colours. It’ll take awhile, but it’ll eventually be completely downloaded, depending on the speed (Deer, 2015, February 28) of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Jamaica.

Downloading Music using Index Query in Google Search Engine – Like picking Oranges

The other method requires no software but at least some good typing skills. Called the Index Search method on Google, it takes advantage of the fact that Google allows you to do very specific searches for Indexes listing files stored on Cloud Servers linked to a website.

Because most of these Indexes are not password protected, they are literally hanging vines of music waiting to be reaped.

To do an index search simply use the following command string in a Google Search:

intitle: “index of” (wma|mp3|mp4|midi) [name of the song, album or artist]

Enter the name of the song, album or artiste in the search string and search Google. You will see a set of search results appear on the screen. It’ll take a bit of trial-and-error, but eventually you’ll realize that the best searches usually have the word “index” in their title.

Once you select a good index, the download is as easy as picking oranges:

  1. Right click on the songs from the Index you wish to download
  2. Open in a new Tab in your Browser or hold down Ctrl and click with your mouse

Depending on how your browser is set up and what extension you have installed, the music file might begin playing in your browser, effectively streaming the song. In this case to download do the following:

  1. Right click on the music Bar
  2. Select Save Audio As to save the music file
  3. Select the file location that you’ve selected on your computer
  4. Download the music file

Like picking oranges….

Downloading using YouTube to MP3 websites – Low Quality Music from YouTube

This method is basically a no-brainer and is the best known method of extracting music from YouTube.

However, unlike the other methods, you’ll only get very low quality Music and there will be other sound artifacts in the final Mp3 file that may make these MP3 only playable on your personal device and not in a High Fidelity Music System.

Simply copy the URL (Universal Resource Locator) link into the YouTube to MP3 website and select convert Video to extract the audio.

Good to note thanks to a helpful email, there is an exception to this rule. The Website ThatMP3 does the same conversion process for YouTube Music videos into MP3 but with an added bonus; it also downloads the album art and ID3 tags with each download, helping to keep your rapidly growing library of music nicely organized

In no time flat, you’ll have a massive collection of playable, albeit low-quality MP3 that you can use in your portable MP3 player or Google Play Music Cloud Drive (Deer, 2015 February 25) on your smartphone.

Here’s the link:

YouTube to MP3



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