US$93 C.H.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer


Are you interested in buying the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B mini-Computer (Deer, 2015 February 3) that can potentially run Windows 10 but not much of a tinkerer with electronics?

Well, if you don’t mind being part of a kickstarter, I have the ultimate deal for you; a CH.I.P. mini-Computer (Jones, 2015) for just US$9 from the Next Thing Co.

US$93 CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer (1)

Started Wednesday 6th May2015, the CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter has some 11,985 backers who’ve raised some US$602,669, blowing past the original target of US$50,000. With twenty six (26) days to go, this project will be more than funded by the time 10:06 AM EST on Saturday June 6th 2015 comes around.

But US$9 for a mini-computer?

Surely you say, this must be some kind of toy, possibly a smaller, less powerful version of the US$149 Intel Compute Stick HDMI mini-Computer (Deer, 2015, April 6) or even the cheaper US$90 Google Chromebit (Deer, 2015, April 14) HDMI mini-computer that turns any monitor into a computer.

So what will you get for making a pledge of US$9 to this CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter?

C.H.I.P Computer specs – Windows 10, Linux and even Mac OS to do real work

Well, it is a HDMI mini Computer, but it’s a lot more powerful than most people realize. Good to note here the basic model CH.I.P. mini-Computer costs US$9; the price goes up to US$19 with the VGA adapter (Biggs, 2015) and US$24 with the HDMI adapter as the basic model only comes with a S-Video out port.

US$93 CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer (4)

It consists of a tiny circuit board (Farivar, 2015) with a 1Ghz R8 ARM Processor that runs mainline Linux on 512 MN of RAM and is supported by 4GB of FLASH storage.

You also get built in Wi-Fi, support for Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, a single USB port as well as a micro-USB and an audio jack but no SD Card support for memory expansion, very much like the first Raspberry Pi (Deer, 2011, September 15) launched in May 2011.

To run this computer merely requires connecting it via a VGA or HDMI port, both of which the CH.I.P. mini-Computer supports and then powering it up by connecting the Power adaptor.

US$93 CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer (5)

Like any computer, the CH.I.P. mini-Computer accepts a USB Keyboard and can interface with a Bluetooth Mouse, impressive for such a small computer. When powered on it comes with considerable amount of pre-installed Open Source software to get you productive including LibreOffice, the Chromium web browser and coding tool Scratch.

CH.I.P. mini-Computer has Programming Potential –Programming Computer on every HDMI or VGA Screen

Fully Open Source and Open Architecture, the Next Thing Co team plans to make both the hardware and software files freely available on their website for Developers to expand on their work. But for US$93, you can do almost anything you can do on a regular computer, only running a Linux Operating System.

US$93 CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer (3)

Also, if you like it to be truly portable, there is a US$49 Pocket C.H.I.P pledge options that gives you access to a specially designed shell that mimics an older Gameboy Advance casing but with a QWERTY style keyboard similar to a blackberry.

You can use the build your own programs using the built in programming tool Scratch, again a lot like the Raspberry Pi (Deer, 2011, October 10) to design your own games or play one of the thousands of free Games available from their community of app builders.

US$93 CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter is a pocket-sized Computer (2)

Best of all, its programmable and modifyable, making the potential projects it can be involved in doing almost as limitless as the Raspberry Pi (Deer, 2013, January 10) but a lot cheaper at US$9 for the most basic model and US$24 with the HDMI adapter.

To get the full package will set you back US$93, but this is by far the cheapest fully functional computer you can get on the market. Slated to ship by May 2016, it might be a little late for a Christmas gift, but with the backing of Hax Accelerator, this product is a sure fire success story waiting to happen.

No, dear reader, is the time to act by using your Scotia VISA Debit (Deer, 2012, February 13) or your CIBC VISA Debit Card (Deer, 2013, December 23) and pledging US$93 for a CH.I.P. mini-Computer (Deer, 2014, August 24) and via a courier, have it shipped down (Deer, 2013, September 15) to Jamaica to make your dream of owning a pocket computer come true.

Here’s the link:

CH.I.P. mini-Computer Kickstarter

Next Thing Co


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