US$100 Miito Induction Kettle on Kickstarter heats Water quickly in any container

Nils Chudy from Germany and Jasmina Grase have finally made good on their promise (Starr, 2015) to kickstart their Miito Induction Kettle (Deer, 2015 February 16) on kickstarter.

US$100 Miito Induction Kettle on Kickstarter heats Water quickly in any container (4)

According to their Kickstarter page, they’ve already racked up €136,973 from 1,229 as of Wednesday May 13th 2015 as of 1210pm. At this pace, they’re already on course to beat their €150,000 over the next 31 days until Sunday, June 14th 2015 at 12:00 AM EST, when the project is expected to be fully funded.

Based on the information on their Kickstarter page, for a US$100 (€90) pledge, you can get your very own Miito Induction Kettle shipped to you by April 2016.

So what is the Miito Induction Kettle and why is it so popular on Kickstarter? 

Miito Induction Kettle now on Kickstarter heats 200mL of water in 60 seconds in any container

If you’ve read my previous article on the Miito Induction Kettle (Deer, 2015 February 16), you’re have realized that the Kettle heats water via induction heating. So unlike other kettles on the market, you can heat precise amounts of water in any container, be it metal or Glass.

This avoids wasting electricity or in the case of Jamaica cooking gas to heat large volumes of water that you’ll never use, to quote Nils Chudy, quote: “My inspiration was the daily use of electric kettles. I wondered why all kettles look so similar. I quickly noticed that they not only look bad but they are also wastefully designed. The minimum fill line of the majority of kettles is at approximately 500mL. This means that if you want one cup of tea (250mL) you waste 50 percent of the hot water, which means you waste 50 percent of the energy. This adds up to be a lot”.

US$100 Miito Induction Kettle on Kickstarter heats Water quickly in any container (3)

In their latest funding run on Kickstarter, the team has redesigned the Miito Induction Kettle with a much thinner rod made of stainless steel that has a base of 4.5 cm in diameter. That’s small enough to fit inside of a soda can with the top cut off, making this Miito Induction Kettle  attractive not only to persons wanting a precision Induction heater, but also persons wanting to use the induction heater for scientific purposes.

It has an incredible heat capacity, able to heat 200mL of water in 60 seconds. The fact that it’s a straight rod instead of a coil also makes it easier to clean, as pointed out by Nils Churdy, quote: “The immersion heater is complicated to use, it sits sideways in your cup and is almost waiting to be tipped over by bumping against the cord. Also it is quite nasty after a while because it is so complicated to be cleaned — you cannot put it in the dish washer. Miito can be cleaned easily — either with running water or by putting it in the dishwasher”.

Miito Induction Kettle still has no automated Temperature control but it’s still hot

Because the Miito Induction Kettle merely consists of a base that has an oscillating magnetic field to induce the heating effect in the stainless steel rod, lifting the Miito Induction Kettle is made easy.

This as it merely requires moving the rod, a plus for the elderly, as well as anyone wanting to heat water in any container, from a glass to baby bottles to quote Nils Chudy: “We have emails from an elderly couple who were so eager to get their hands on a Miito, since they cannot lift normal electric kettles, but with Miito they could still easily make their cup of tea. Or with mothers who would love to use Miito for heating baby food”.

The designers of the Miito Induction Kettle still haven’t solved the problem of automated temperature control. This can be easily solved by having a thermometer built into the body of the stainless steel rod and communicate to the base via Bluetooth when it’s has reached the optimum temperature so as to turn itself off.

US$100 Miito Induction Kettle on Kickstarter heats Water quickly in any container (2)

The fact it hasn’t been done suggests that the designers Nils Chudy from Germany and Jasmina Grase are having technical challenges in designing a Bluetooth receive that’s waterproof and resistant to magnetic flux from the Induction Heater.

An alternative would be to use an IR Sensors in the induction Heater base to detect when the water in the container has reached the desire temperature in order to initiate a shutdown.  

Miito Induction Kettle hugely popular as its novel and a Water-Heating saver 

Despite this design flaw, it’s enjoying huge popularity on Kickstarter, as by all accounts, this project will be funded long before the thirty one (31) days are over on Sunday, June 14th 2015.

US$100 Miito Induction Kettle on Kickstarter heats Water quickly in any container (1)

Hopefully by then, the automated temperature sensor that communicates with the base of the Miito Induction Kettle would have been integrated into the final design to quote Nils Churdy: “We are dreaming of an accurate temperature sensor that wirelessly measures the temperature of the liquid and then automatically switches the device off. We already have multiple approaches on how to solve this problem but that requires an extra amount of money. We are excited to see how much funds we will be able to raise and if that might be enough to tackle the temperature feature”.

So if you in the market for an Induction heater that can heat water in any container, then for a for a US$100 (€90) pledge, Miito Induction Kettle can be yours!


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