US$20 OnePlus DR-1 Drone is smallest and best April Fool’s Prank of 2015

OnePlus may have just won the prize for the smallest drone possible.

MICO Wars - US$20 OnePlus DR-1 Drone is smallest and best April Fool’s Prank of 2015 - 30-05-2015 LHDEER

On Wednesday April 1st 2015, they pulled possibly the cleverest April Fool’s prank in memory since Google Launched Gmail in 2004 as an April Fool’s Prank. They launched an actual product, the US$20 OnePlus Dr-1 (Low, 2015) that seemed to be a prank but actually turned out to be a real.

It’s actually a limited-edition drone, which at that price, would ALREADY be a limited edition product. Weighing just 12.5g and with an overall width of 70mm, it possibly the smallest drone I’ve seen to date, smaller than the US$265 Zano mini-Drone (Deer, 2014, December 21) that’s you personal paparazzi selfie-machine.

Its performance does leave much to be desired, as it needs to be charged for a full twenty (20) minutes only to fly for seven (7) to eight (8) minutes. Also no app to control drone from this smartphone; you get a controller with the drone instead of using your OnePlus smartphone.

Already this product is gone from their online store, OnePlus might bring this diminutive toy back, if only for the pleasure of creating a community of OnePlus smartphone owners with the power to terrorize their pets in even more disturbing ways.


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