JPS C re-launches EBILL Service with Gleaner Online as Mobile Money App a possibility

JPS Co’s (Jamaica Public Service Company) EBILL Service is getting a boost thanks to a partnership with the Jamaica Gleaner.

MICO Wars - JPS C re-launches EBILL Service with Gleaner Online as Mobile Money App a possibility - 07-06-2015 LHDEER

The service, available since 2013, gives customer of the Jamaican Electricity Utility company the option to receive their Electricity bill in their email, most likely as a PDF attachment or web document from JPS Co EBILL Server.

Now, in a bid to get more Jamaicans to choose this convenient billing option and save a couple of trees by reducing the need to print paper, the company is asking persons to choose between receiving an email with their EBILL only or to continue to receive their Electricity Bills in paper format.

As of Sunday May 31st 2015 JPS Co customer can apply to receive their JPS Co Bill (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, May 31) and an EBILL only.

How to switch to JPS Co EBILL – Easy as Texting, Email

To make the switch to the EBILL, customers merely have to send the following information to JPS Co:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Customer-Premises Number

Then they send this information via the following communications channels to the JPS Co:

  1. SMS (Short Message Service) Text
  2. Email
  3. Call Customer Care Centre at 1­888­225­5575 (Lime) or 1­888­935­5575 (Digicel)
  4. JPS EBILL Website
  5. Visit Parish Offices and speak to a customer service representative

JPS Co is making it relatively easy to know how much you owe them without having to leave your couch or your workplace. 

Jamaica Gleaner Online offering three months free Gleaner – Terry-Karell on LSD Trip

As an added bonus, the Jamaica Gleaner is giving all JPS Co Customer who sign up a three (3) month’s free subscription to the following Gleaner Online Newspapers:

  • The Gleaner ePaper
  • Star ePaper

Online Brand Manager, Terri­Karelle Reid was on a LSD trip in her ecstatic declaration of the Gleaner Online‘s support for JPS Co’s EBILL as it mirrored their Gleaner Online Push, quote: “We’re really excited about this partnership with JPS. At The Gleaner we, too, are tasked with customising our product to meet the evolving needs of our customers, who are increasingly on the go and rely heavily on accessing our news content on mobile devices, tablets, etc. This initiative highlights how both companies not only listen, but respond to our customers with solution that matter”.

This product seems geared towards to working class who have no time to go on the road to pay their JPS Co Bills and may be deskbound. As such, this JPS Co EBILL would be a match made in heaven reading the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper while paying your JPS Co Bill.

JPS CO EBILL – App needed for smartphones paired with JPS Co PAYG

Upon reading this, I noticed that there was no option for an App as yet from JPS Co for viewing your EBILL or a Mobile Money Option for paying your Electricity Bill.

Clearly, not everyone has a computer and uses email in this era dominated by Social Media on your smartphone according to Statistics by Harvard-based Pew Research (Deer, 2015, April 8).

The inclusion of 1-800 numbers as well as a visit to the JPS Co Parish office suggests that the Marketing peeps at JPS Co thought of this, but forgot about the demographic that’s totin’ smartphones.

But more Jamaicans than ever having access to smartphone, approximately 1 million or more Jamaicans toting according to Telecom Provider Digicel, it would have made more sense for JPS Co to have launched their EBILL initiative as an App available freely on Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store.

Apps are a lot more convenient to use that visiting a website, many of which may not be optimized (Deer, 2015, May 3) for smartphone screens. For this reason, Digicel themselves have rolled out a Top Up App (Deer, 2015, May 12) to not only make it convenient for Jamaicans to Digicel to purchase more Credit, but for relatives abroad to purchase credit for their loved ones here in Jamaica.

If the JPS Co EBILL isn’t properly optimized for the smartphone, chances are many might not visit the website on their smartphones, opting instead to use their Desktop or Laptop computers when at their desks or at home.

But with smartphoens ever-present during the commute home, an App would definitely make ample us of that idle time, allowing them to  views their JPS Co EBILL but potentially pay their PAYG (Pay as You Go) Bill (Deer, 2015, May 13) with a few quick swipes.

Potentially, JPS Co EBILL could also be paid using Mobile Money Platforms such as Connec Mobile from JCCUL (Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League) and Mozido Jamaica.

Even SVL (Supreme Ventures Limited) Gambling App (Deer, 2015 May 5) coming in October 2015, which will also features a Mobile Money Platforms to place bets, pay out winnings and possibly purchase items.

An App for the JPS Co EBILL would open up a host of possibilities not only for receiving your Electricity Bill but also for paying it before you decided to gamble it away on your smartphone.

Here’s the link:

JPS Co EBILL Website


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