US$200 Asus E1Z Projector is a portable Projector for Road Warriors

There are some interesting products coming out at the Computex Trade Show in Taipei, Taiwan. A lot of them won’t go on sale until Christmas 2015 and even then only in China and the rest of South and East Asia.

US$200 Asus E1Z Projector is a portable Projector for Road Warriors

But one particular product from Asus will have Teachers all over Jamaica drooling is the Asus E1Z Projector (Healey, 2015), a palm-sized device that packs a massive punch that was on show.  Compact and simple, it built with ease-of-use in mind with a sizeable ON button.

Asus E1Z Projector – Road warrior’s Portable Projector with Bluetooth Sound 

However, this is not what made the product stand out. It’s the lack of a HDMI Cable that caught my eye, as this Asus E1Z Projector uses a micro-USB port and a regular USB port as inputs, allowing it to connect to any smartphone or Tablet.

Operating this projector is simple plug-and-play, as once on, you can focus using the focus wheel to get fairly crisp images. But it’s the gigantic 6000 mAh battery included that’s the talk of Computex, making this a Projector you can take ANYWHERE with you.

Road warriors especially will love this, as you can do a presentation at the tip of a hat as well as create a Movie Theatre experience in seconds, with a few portable Samsung Level (Deer, 2014, December 9) Bluetooth speaker for Stereo sound. 

Asus E1Z Projector – Portable competition that has its own Battery 

No specs are currently available on the Asus E1Z Projector or when it’ll become available. But with that level of portability in a product, I envision it’ll be capable of playing HD Video from any device with a USB cable with streaming from any source via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Already, this device is competition with less-portable counterparts such as the US$49 Roku Streaming Stick (Deer, 2014, March 5) the US$35 Google Chromecast (Deer, 2014, July 26) or the US$39 Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick (Deer, 2014, December 24), as all these products are dependent on external power and streaming via a Wi-Fi Connection.

Expect the Asus E1Z Projector to sell forUS$200 by September 2015.


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