US$20 Nokia 105 is Microsoft’s Dual-SIM Candy bar feature-rich phone

Microsoft, owners of Nokia (Trenholm, 2014, April 25), have released a US$20 Nokia 105 (Dolcourt, 2015 June 3), which is very similar to the Nokia 105 launched back at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013 (Kanal, 2013), but with a lot more bells and whistles.

MICO War - US$20 Nokia 105 isMicrosoft’s Dual-SIM Candy bar feature-rich phone - 11-07-2015 LHDEER (1)

Here was I thinking that the US$29 Nokia 215 (Deer, 2015, January 29) was the cheapest feature phone in the world. Microsoft also has some low-cost smartphones.

The US$81 Lumia 435 and the US$93 Lumia 532 launched in January 2015 (Deer, 2015, February 5) and the US$150 Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual-SIM Smartphone launched in May 2015 for the Middle East (Deer, 2015, May 27) readily come to mind.

But the US$20 Nokia 105 is special; it’s got a dual-SIM surprise with smartphone-smarts tucked inside of this sweet, small Candy bar form factor.

US$20 Nokia 105 – Your Flavour of Dual-SIM Feature Phone Goodness 

Unlike the 2013 Nokia 105, the 2015 version sports a curvier body that comes in the following choice of colour:

  • Cyan
  • Black
  • White

It has dimensions of 108.5 mm x 45.5 mm x 14.1mm and is a barely noticeable 70 g. The Nokia 105 isn’t a smartphone despite that introduction; it’s running Nokia Series 30+, a proprietary OS used by Microsoft for their feature phones.

The screen is the usual super-small 1.45” LCD screen with 16-bit, 64k colors. No details on the Processor, RAM or Internal Memory but playing mini-games, Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 Music and a built-in mini speaker imply a fairly sophisticated Processor, possibly a 700MHz ARM Processor.

The Nokia 105 comes in Single and Dual-SIM variants and supports GSM frequency bands of 900 MHz and 1800MHz for both the Single and Dual-SIM and 850 MHz and 1900MHz for the Single SIM version.

The Dual-SIM version is for the Developing World markets like India and China that Microsoft is trying to access with these low-cost multi-functional feature phones. Its memory is also pretty extensive, as not only can it store music but also two thousand (2000) contacts, up from the five hundred (500) in the 2013 version.

Nokia 105 the smartphone Addict’s Nicotine Patch – Long Battery Life via microUSB Charger

It’s 800mAh battery also gives you more talk time, up to fifteen (15) hours compared to twelve point five (12.5) hours with the 2013 Nokia 105. That battery charges with a microUSB charger, just like a smartphone.

This is in keeping with the Swiss Technical Standards Body IEC (Deer, 2013, December 18) push for a common Power Adaptor Standard for smartphones and Laptops.

With feature phones inheriting hand-me-down specs from smartphones, the US$29 Nokia 21 makes you feel a little less anxiety about leaving your smartphone at home.

2015 might end up being the year that feature phones begin to inherit smartphone features, as many of their basic feature makes beating smartphone addiction (Deer, 2015, June 13) a whole lot easier.


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