Sony Launches First Flight for Early Adopters of their Products

Sony has decided to get into the crowdfunding business.

They’ve launched First Flight (Boxall, 2015), their crowdfunding site for new and upcoming products.

Not that they need your money, mind you.

Rather, they need to gauge what product ideas would be of interest to early adopters to purchase without having to risk making a product that fails to catch on with customers.

MICO Wars - Sony Launches First Flight for Early Adopters of their Products - 12-07-2015 LHDEER

It also gives customer a chance to pre-order a unique product from Sony. First Flight is following the trend of other crowdfunding sites that offer customers the chance to pre-order unique product from companies that aren’t seeking funding but benefit from the association with the Crowdfunding culture looking to support the next big niche product.

Sony’s First Flight – Testing Product Feedback, Xiaomi Style

Once customer interest is shown, possibly via placing pre-orders or voting on a product, they’ll bring it to market if it proves popular enough.

This sounds a lot like how Xiaomi gauges interest in their products via their interactive Mi Store Forum (Deer, 2014, February 24) where new products are thrown out and discussed with customers. When the interest is serious, they then pass it on to their engineers, who then turn it into a product (Deer, 2015, March 27), such as the US$65 Xiaomi Yi POV (Point of View) Camera.

Already there are three (3) products on sale on the First Flight website:

  1. The FES E-Ink watch
  2. The MESH wireless tag
  3. The HUIS home remote control

This website is worth watching to see what other new and exciting products Sony might have in mind, as they’ve been playing it safe when it come to making new products.

Here’s the link:

First Flight 


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