How Adults Colouring Books is Play Time with Visual Arts

“Computer generated graphics can feel cold and soulless whereas hand drawing captures a sense of energy and character which no pixel can ever replicate.”

Mrs. Johanna Basford, a 31 year old artiste who is a publisher of the Secret Garden Adult Colouring books

Looking for a book to read this summer? There are a lot of great places to find low-cost books.

If you’re into Comic Books, you can get a sweet subscription deal of 10,000 Comic books from Scribd (Deer, 2015, September 11) for US$9 monthly. If you want free audiobooks, (Deer, 2015, June 7), there are a huge number of free membership based resources online for audiobooks.


If you want free books, Smashwords and Amazon are great resources to check. But possibly the biggest trend right (Boxall, 2015) now in reading is, ironically, Adult colouring books.

Adult Colouring books are bestsellers on Amazon – Hipster Nostaligia trend towards low tech relaxation

According to Associated Press, for the week of Sunday July 5th 2015, eight (8) for the top twenty (20) books have been Adult colouring books. So without further ado, queue the Vybz Kartel song Coloring Book:

Author Johanna Basford, a 31 year old artiste who is signed with publisher Laurence King began the “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt” Adult Colouring books back in 2011. It has gone on to become one of the bestselling Adult Colouring books on both the and

She’s sold some 1.5 million of her hand-drawn, very intricate colouring books on Amazon, making her a bestseller of colouring books.

This once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon has a publisher that specializes in colouring-books working overtime, quote: “We cannot print them fast enough, we are getting orders of 60,000 at one time from some of our biggest retailers”.

Already, fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr have sprung up dedicated to the colouring book phenomenon. Clearly the Adult colouring book purists like sharing their delicately coloured handiwork via taking pictures, with many claiming the activity of colouring is relaxing.

Making Money from Colouring Books – Be Vybz Kartel and have money Pon yu Brain

For us Jamaicans, this just looks plain weird and makes Americans look “pyah-pyah”; colouring books are really for children, not Adults.

Then again, these are the same American and Developed World Adults obsessed with Comic Book heroes being brought to the big screen and reading Comic Books (Deer, 2015, September 11) in a bid to catch up with their youth.


The Colouring Book may just be another relaxation aspect of their First World Culture (Willaims, 2015) that seeks to dive into nostalgia to unwind (Harpaz, 2015) that possibly may have a hipster element to it.

Colouring books is for everybody, not just for kids. Aside from helping to release you inner child, being as this is seen mainly as a kid’s activity, it helps you have more time with yourself (Boneva, 2017, September 9) as well as with the kids. This release of your inner child also helps to relieve stress and Improves your concentration. More importantly, it helps you to discover your artistic side, resulting in you masters your brain halves.

It’s a great way to relax (Raphel, 2015), as according to the research of physician and psychiatrist Dr. Stuart Brown’s book “Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”, playtime is important, even for adults!

It’s the same thinking behind Taylor Swift’s 1989 (Deer, 2015, July 6) Vinyl record being a top seller.

But if you’re an artiste in Jamaica and you want to make money from writing books, then publishing a highly stylized Jamaican colouring book might be your ticket to superstardom. Very few Jamaican titles exist currently, creating an opportunity that Jamaican artiste and publishers can capitalize.

A little research and you could be making money from your published work on Amazon as Adult Colouring books take off. After all, if you do a CT scan of any Jamaican Visual Artiste, Money is on their brains!



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