How WiFiMapper can locate Free and Password-protected Wi-Fi

The saying “There’s an App for that” rings true, as there is bound to be a third-part developer who has an App for almost every service that you can thing of for smartphones.

But accessing and using these Apps is pointless if you don’t have a data plan.

On days like that, I bet you wish you had an App that could tell you where the free Wi-Fi Internet is located in Jamaica. Well, turns out there is such an App, called WiFiMapper (Cozma, 2015), that can tell you where Open and Password-protected Wi-Fi Access points exist in your neck of the woods in the world.

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Originally launched on Apple iPhones back in May 2015 (Allan, 2015, May 14), it’s now available for Google Android smartphones (Allan, 2015, July 15) as of July of 2015.

So what can Android and Apple users expect from this App, that’s the closest thing to hacking (Deer, 2012, October 11) a Wi-Fi Network?

Plenty of free Wi-Fi!

OpenSignal’s WifiMapper – Why Password-protected Wi-Fi is better than Free 

In addition to showing you free, open Wi-Fi access, the WiFiMapper shows you where you can get free access in exchange (D.P., 2015) for patronizing an establishment i.e. buying coffee with some croissants.

MICO Wars - How WiFiMapper can locate Free and Password-protected Wi-Fi - 24-07-2015 LHDER (2)

Coffee Shops, such as those in Jamaica in the New Kingston and Half-Way-Tree area (Deer, 2014, February 9) often the password protected ones, with the buyer being given a temporary password token for just buying some donuts and cocoa.

They also tend to offer better encryption and faster WiFi Access, as not everyone is exploiting (Deer, 2011, October 24) the freeness on their lunch break. Hence the reason why they are included, as you get Wi-Fi and something to nibble on your coffee break! Having access to this free Wi-Fi means you can get access to some other cool Apps.

There are Apps that allow you to accept handwriting (Deer, 2015, April 21) and solve mathematical equations (Deer, 2014, October 29), very handy when you’re in class.

There is the Astropad App for Apple (Deer, 2015, March 2) peeps that allows you to turns your Apple iPad into a graphic artiste palette and there is the Remote Mouse App (Deer, 2015, March 1) that turns any tablet into a Bluetooth track pad to make your presentations pop.

Apps for books are also popular such as Oyster’s one hundred thousand (100,000) titles book lending App (Deer, 2013, September 7) and Scribd’s US$8.99 (Deer, 2015, September 11) ten thousand (10,000) Comic book splurge for binge readers.

You even have Apps for making money from snapping casual pictures online (Deer, 2015, March 6), as website exist that’ll buy your everyday mundane photos.

Jamaica is no exception when it comes to producing Apps. Digicel, a local Telecom Provider has a Top Up App (Deer, 2015, May 12) and so does rival Telecom Provider LIME.

Supreme Ventures Limited, a Lottery and Gaming operator, has a Gambling App coming in October 2016 (Deer, 2015, June 5) and JPS Co, a local Utility company (Deer, 2015, June 7) may possibly have an EBILL App in the works.

So how did WiFiMapper build up their map free and password-protected Wi-Fi hotspots? With the help for a few good guinea pigs!

WiFiMapper and their Global Wi-Fi Map – The Power of Guinea Pigs and Foursquare

WiFiMapper first built up their Wi-Fi map in much the same way Trackr, makers of the TrackR Bravo App (Deer, 2014, November 12) and the accompanying US$29 TrackR Bravo and the Trackr Stickr Tracking tags.

By giving away some US$200,000 worth of free Trackr Stickr and encouraging people to install the TrackR Bravo App, they built up their Trackr’s Crowd GPS Network, to make it easier to track lost and stolen items.

MICO Wars - How WiFiMapper can locate Free and Password-protected Wi-Fi - 24-07-2015 LHDER (1)

In a similar way, the peeps at OpenSignal got three thousand (3000) guinea pigs to install the WiFiMapper on their Google Android smartphones to map and name the free and password-protected Wi-Fi Routers that they encountered on a daily basis.

OpenSignal then uses a special algorithm to plum through this vast amount of data (Dipane, 2015) being sent to their Servers to recommend the best Wi-Fi hotspots in your location based on speed and security.

They also solicit Wi-Fi mapping Data from Foursquare members (Deer, 2014, November 30) when they do reviews of the places that they visit. The result is a Global Wi-Fi Map of almost 650 million locations worldwide, with the member basically being Wi-Fi Mapping developers who can edit the map to ensure accuracy of the Global Wi-Fi Map.

WiFiMapper will soon be upgraded with lederboards, as you know how competition for prizes encourages people who share the most Wi-Fi updates to do their best. They also plan to offer offline mapping as well, possibly reselling their map to offline developers in order to make money from their Mapping data.

Here’s the link:

WifiMapper on the Google Play Store

WifiMapper on the Apple iTunes Store


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