US$9.50 Jamaica’s Creole Language makes speaking to Jamaican Women easy

When Barack Obama came to Jamaica on Wednesday April 8th 2015, he popped over by the Bob Marley Museum (The Jamaica Observer, 2015, April 8) to pay tribute to the artiste.

Later on Thursday April 9th 2015, when he had his Town Hall Meeting at the UWI (University of the West Indies), he took it upon himself to salute our culture yet again with as customary Jamaican greeting: “Greetings, massive! Wah gwaan, Jamaica?”.

Jamaica’s Creole Language – Great Follow-up to Lover Boy

Well, if you’ve always wanted to understand our colorful tongue, then this latest book by Jamaica’s Creole Language by up and coming Manchester author Penric Gamhra will help you on that quest.


Author of the Poetry book Lover Boy (Deer, 2015, July 25), his latest treatise is to the language of Jamaica Land We Love by introducing this colourful language to the world!

This book gives you the chance to learn how to speak like a Jamaican. With a little practice and help from Penric Gamhra book Jamaica’s Creole Language, you can master our beautiful language used in Reggae music and our poetry.

A great companion to his first book of poems Lover Boy, if you’re an American Jamaica’s Creole Language will make his prose come alive!

Penric Gamhra Jamaica’s Creole Language – Pickup lines for Jamaican Girls

A quick but thorough read at just a little over one hundred (100) pages, Penric Gamhra’s  language treatise Jamaica’s Creole Language on Createspace can be your for only US$9.50.

Most importantly, you can earn some good pick-up lines to talk to those beautiful local Jamaican Girls like a true Lover Boy. In so doing you’ll be able to come to Jamaica not as a tourist but as a True Traveller.

But don’t thank me; thank the Lover Boy author Penric Gamhra and his US$9.50 book Jamaica’s Creole Language for giving you the keys to the Island’s most beautiful language……and its beautiful women

Here’s the link:

Penric Gamhra Jamaica’s Creole Language on CreateSpace

Penric Gamhra Jamaica’s Creole Language on PayHip


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