US$8.50 Lover Boy by Penric Gamha is a Spiritual Journey of Love

Lover Boy is a book by little known but highly talented Penric Gamha. Hailing from the green, grassy land of Manchester, Jamaica, he’s an author on the rise.

US$8.50 Lover Boy by Penric Gamha is a Spiritual Journey of Love

His most recent book, Lover Boy, available on Createspace for US$8.50, places his vast world of poetry and its understanding on display. Lover Boy is a great treasure to be possessed by the reader. Many Styles of Poetry exist, but whatever style the author chose to express himself, his words will always form something beautiful.

He’s a great guy in general who always puts a smile on your face. His zealousness for writing is hidden by is unassuming personality but his courage shows when pen meets paper.

When I asked him, “Why do you write?” his reply is quite nonchalant: “I use knowledge to replace as blank spaces”.

And I was really amazed.  But what if poetry can be inspirational?  Lover Boy manages to do that and more!

Sadie Turner and Penric Gamhra Masterpiece – Lover Boy is their Spiritual Journey

Well, the creative heart of Sadie Turner, his girlriend and the humble Penric Gamhra produced this well blended piece of classical verses that tells an adventurous story about what it takes to love, break-up and love again.

Lover Boy will surely take you on a thoughtful journey, through the high hills of the mountain, the leveled depth of the valley and slowly rest you by the fountain to drink a dew that will revive you belief in true love.

Want to read this excellent collection of Poems? Then check Penric Gamha’s CreateSpace page and purchases your copy for only US$8.50.

Here’s the link:

Lover Boy by Penric Gamha on CreateSpace

Lover Boy by Penric Gamha on PayHip



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