How to Create and Edit PDF Documents

If you’re in the business of e-commerce or selling items online (Deer, 2014, May 7), you may receive PDF (Portable Document File) Documents to sign.

After all, they’re easily made from Microsoft Word Documents using software such PDFCreator (Deer, 2012, July 5) and are secure enough to send information without anyone being able to read your confidential and private information.

Other PDF creators exist, mostly website based or freeware programs that integrate into Microsoft Office as a printer to convert Microsoft Word Documents to PDF:

You even have websites that convert PDF documents back to their original format Microsoft Office format:

Using the search term “PDF from Word” will yield a whole list of PDF to Word or Word to PDF converters.

So it may strike you as being odd but not strange to consider that that PDF, being a secured document transfer method, can be edited. And yet, here you are being sent a PDF document to sign.

So how do you make a mark or sign such a document? Using a PDF Editor!!

Editing PDF Documents – Free and Paid methods of making your Mark

Like PDF converter an readers, many abound, some paid software, other as freeware.

The paid software isn’t a bad option (Stella, 2014) and should be considered an investment, especially if you want to send documents related to financial transactions such as invoices, receipts and even unsigned cheques on a regular basis.

MICO Wars - How to Create and Edit PDF Documents - 27-07-2015 LHDEER

The best paid PDF editing tools that work on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS are as follows:

Still, with these prices, free doesn’t look too bad either. Most of them are websites that are ad-supported, allowing you to edit the document within the software interface before downloading it to your computer.

This list includes the ones I’ve actually used:

So the next time you get a PD F document to edit, you can use these paid or free online resources to make your mark securely on any PDF Document!


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