Motorola launches Moto smartphones to challenge the Apple iPhone 6S

On Tuesday July 28th 2015, Motorola launched a trio of new Smartphone in two (2) separate Event in London, England and New York, USA.

However, the Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition (La, 2015) also called the Moto X Style internationally, all look alike. So how are they different?

Actually, it’s under their skin that they differ.

Motorola launches smartphones – Challenge to Apple iPhone 6S come September 2015

So far, the Moto G is the cheapest at US$179.99 whereas the Moto X Pure Edition appears to be the most expensive at US$399.99. The best way to compare them is via a very large table listing all of their properties.

MICO Wars - Motorola launches smarphones to challenge the Apple iPhone 6S - 03-08-2015 LHDEER

Still confused? Then maybe these three (3) videos for the Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition will provide a better explanation.

It’s still early days and no-one can say if Motorola has a triple-threat on their hands to the dominance of Samsung, whose Samsung Galaxy S6 is (Tibken, 2015) actually not doing as well as they’d expected.

So much so that Samsung has now begun cutting the price of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones by €$100 in the UK (Kingsley-Hughes, 2015), with price cuts of US$100 potentially coming to the US of A (Dizon, 2015) and even the Caribbean.

With a September 2015 launch, Motorola’s apparently taking aim at the Apple iPhone 6S (Goodwin, 2015), which is slated to be introduced on Friday September 11th 2015 and launched on Friday September 18th, 2015, (Mohan, 2015).

A battle with the Apple iPhone 6S is looming as Motorola has set out to win the hearts and minds of American Customers come Black Friday and Christmas 2015.


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