How to make JA$150 Gillette Double-bladed Disposable Razors last for Months

Buying Disposable Razor Blades is a hassle for me, especially as I’m doing my Teaching Diploma at the MICO University College.

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I’ve recently discovered Double-Bladed Disposable Razor Blades from Gillette and I like them a lot. They give a much closer cleaner shave an they’re a great way to shave your hair and thus save nearly JA$200 to JA$400 on going to the Barber Shop or even buying a JA$3000 Electric Shaver.

I must admit, however, they don’t give as close a shave as Disposable Stainless Steel Razor Blades used in a Butterfly Shaver.

But they cost JA$150 for a pack in Cross Roads, Kingston in most of the Chinese Wholesales. You can get them for a much lower price Downtown, but it’s a hassle to waste a whole JA$100 to travel Downtown in order to purchase a JA$100 pack of Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razors.

So is there a way to extend the life of your Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razors? Turns out there is a very simple way actually.

100% Alcohol doesn’t work – Stainless Steel Blades rust because of moisture

Up until now, I’ve been trying to use pure alcohol to preserve and extend the life of my Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razors i.e. 100% Overproof White Rum.

The thinking is that since barbers uses Rubbing alcohol to disinfect their scissors and other shaving paraphenalia, possibly pure alcohol might extend the lifespan of the Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razors.

However, this only seems to extend for a few more weeks. plus the visible use of 100% Overproof White Rum results in Jamaicans thinking you’re drinkin’ if they’re watching you and notice you purchase a JA$300 flask of Overproof White Rum and you’re NOT baking a Cake.

So after trying this for a whole 2nd semester to extend the lifespan of my Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razors more months and failing miserably, I decided to actually apply some science.


If so, then the presence of moisture would make them rust quit easily, suggesting leaving them wet after usage (Howard, 2015) might actually what makes them lose their sharpness. This as the rust would damage the sharp edges and thus result in an uneven shave.

How Drying Disposable Razor Blades make them last Longer – Silica Gel and loads of Newspaper

Thus that gave me a clue; after shaving dry the Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor!

The best way I’ve found so far to dry my Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor using a dry cloth and then store them in a plastic container with Silica Gel, which is made of silicon dioxide (SiO2).

The Silica gel packs can be found in packaging (HowStuffWorks, 2014) for sensitive electronics or purchased online as they remove moisture and prevent the sensitive ferrous parts of the Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor from rusting. Mostly made of Silica or Cobalt compounds, they remove moisture from the air, the main thing that causes Stainless Steel to rust.

Alternatively, you can place paper towels or Newspaper in the container and it’ll provide the same function of keeping the Disposable Razor dry.

By drying them and placing them in an environment that removes the moisture, I began to notice that the Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor began to last longer during the hot Summer.

But what about making them sharper?

How to sharpen Disposable Razor Blades – Why Old Jeans are new Again

Turns out making Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor sharper is possible, as despite the drying process, they do rust while you use them in the shower or at the face basin to shave.  This rust causes dents and imperfections in the blade, resulting in a gradual loss of sharpness, which like a knife, can be removed by sharpening!

Again science comes to the rescue with a solution I’d never thought of, which is to use Jeans pants (Hiskey, 2014) to sharpen your Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor.

This also seems to work, though its early days yet, a just keeping them dry seems to be working, despite any conclusive scientific evidence (Karp, 2007) that drying and sharpening using Jeans pants will make your Gillette Double-Bladed Disposable Razor last longer.

Possibly, sometime in the future, someone brave enough to stand up the Disposable Razor Blade Industry will conduct a long term study to prove that these methods work. In the meantime, I’m already beginning to see saving in my pocket, which for me is all the proof I need.


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