How Microsoft Xbox Chatpad makes Xbox One Controller Windows 10 ready

Microsoft has finally decided to turn it up a notch as it relates to the Xbox Controller.

They’ve launched an Xbox One Controller with a full QWERTY Xbox One Chatbad (Bright, 2015) attachment at the bottom.

Microsoft introduce the new accessory on Tuesday August 4th 2015 before the start of GamesCom (Deer, 2015, August 4) the Annual Video Came Conference held Wednesday August 5th 2015 at Koelnmesse, Cologne’s International Exhibition Center, located in Cologne, Germany.

So says the tweet below from the Xbox @Xbox twitter feed:

So now, instead of having to use your microphone or reconnect your Kinect while playin’ on your Xbox One (Betters, 2015), you can opt to text instead.

MICO Wars - How Microsoft Xbox Chatpad makes Xbox One Controller Windows 10 ready - 07-08-2015 LHDEER

The Xbox One Chatbad attaches via a USB port and has headset audio controls with a backlit keyboard and a 3.5 mm jack, in case you wanna listen to some tunes! It

also has a set of programmable keys, making it possible to program moves for more complex games, as it can’t just be to hurl insult at you opponents, as your headsets does that perfectly well.

It also works with the Windows 10, which will roll out to Xbox users in November 2015. Windows 10, which launched Thursday July 29th 2015 in Microsoft’s latest attempt (Deer, 2015, July 16) at getting back to becoming profitable in the Software business.

Microsoft finally brings Xbox home – Joins Kinect in one Family reunion

With the Xbox One Chatbad, Microsoft is bringing the Xbox line under Windows 10 and is a part of a slow of upgrade (Manuel, 2015) to the Xbox One including a DVR, improved colours, a software upgrade and the ability to play games.

MICO Wars - How Microsoft Xbox Chatpad makes Xbox One Controller Windows 10 ready - 07-08-2015 LHDEER

The Xbox Chatpad solidifies this hold on Gaming in much the same way the Microsoft Kinect specifically for the PC is being discontinued and instead being made for both the Xbox One and Windows.

The Xbox Chatpad is coming in November 2015. Be ready, as I suspect that this may actually be a Black Friday Deal!


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