How Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard are being upgraded

Apple has finally decided to improve on the Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard (Mogg, 2015, August 16), set to be introduced to the World possibly sometime in September 2015.

How Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard are being upgraded (2)

That’s also when Apple Watch gets an Apple Watch OS 2.0 upgrade and Apple iOS 9.0 update (Deer, 2015, June 20) is set to hit the Apple faithful!

This is usually the same time competitors like Motorola will also be announcing their Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Pure Edition (Deer, 2015, August 3) to steal Apple’s thunder.

This latest titbit comes from Apple Insider (Hughes, 2015, August 15) who perused an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filing that was sent in by Apple on Friday August 14th 2015.

Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard – Upgrade to Rechargeable Battery and Bluetooth

The drawings only show the underside of the Apple Magic Mouse and Slashgear (Burns, 2015, August 14) has noticed that both devices will be powered by Rechargeable Batteries and be upgraded to using Bluetooth LE 4.2 from the original Bluetooth 2.0.

How Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard are being upgraded (1)

So, these are basically power-efficient Apple Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard. I just wish they’d also improve these other Apple products, which have also been lagging and beggin’ for an upgrade!

At least the Apple iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle have gotten an upgrade (Deer, L, 2015, July 17) that’s more in line with Apple Music, now boasting some 11 million Free Trial (Deer, 2015, August 6) subscribers.

The Apple TV Streaming device, which is also predicted to launch in September 2015 (Mamiit, 2015), is allegedly getting a Processor and Memory upgrade, a TV subscription service (Haslam, 2015), 4K Support along with IoT (Internet of Things) integration into the Apple Home Ecosystem.

All hopefully coming when Apple is set (Tibken, 2015) to unveil new Apple iPads and Apple iPhone 6S on (Spence, 2015) Wednesday September 9th 2015!


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