How US$149 Pocketscan Wireless Scanner makes Document Scanning easy

Remember the Pocketscan, the kickstarter for the world’s smallest Wireless handheld (Deer, 2014, June 24) scanner made by Switzerland-based Dacuda back in June 2014?

Well, the Kickstarter had succeeded with some 4,586 backers pledging some US$542,732 (Edwin, 2015) making it one of the most successful kickstarters in history.

MICO Wars - How US$149 Pocketscan Wireless Scanner makes Document Scanning easy - 22-08-2015 LHDEER (1)

The US$149 product allows you to scan whole pages of text, images and graphic and wirelessly send it to a Wireless Printer, such as the US$89 Canon Pixma MG5620 (Deer, 2015, April 29) for college student or the more business-friendly (Deer, 2015, August 6) Epson EcoTank Wireless Printer Series.

Pocketscan Wireless Scanner – Desktop Scanning in the palm of your hands

The Pocketscan has dimensions of 95 x 50 x 27 mm (2” x 3.75” x 1”) and weighs in at 85g.

It’s powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and is able to synch to your Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop or even directly to your Printer via Bluetooth. In case your smartphone is not close by, its internal memory can hold some four hundred (400) scans.

MICO Wars - How US$149 Pocketscan Wireless Scanner makes Document Scanning easy - 22-08-2015 LHDEER (2)

It recognizes all popular formats of paper be it Letter size, Legal or A4 just to name a few and has an eye-poppin’ scan resolution of 400 dpi. It can even translate what it scans in about one hundred and thirty (130) different languages, allowing the Blind to read non-braille Text.

Best of all it works with Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS and Google Android products and an App exists for both smartphone and Tablet.

Pocketscan has Pocket sized problems – Bluetooth Synching device versus Apps on smartphones

That said, it will give some difficulty to synch up with your smartphone or device (Sawers, 2015) and you’ll have to master the scrubbing motion required to properly scan a surface.

But the results are astounding when compared to other scanning products such as the free Google Handwriting Input App (Deer, 2015, April 21), which uses the smartphone camera and OCR (Optical Character recognition) software to convert text, images and graphic and save them to a file on your smartphone.

MICO Wars - How US$149 Pocketscan Wireless Scanner makes Document Scanning easy - 22-08-2015 LHDEER (3)

Another free App Challenger, the Microsoft Office Lens OCR Scanner, can turn your smartphone into a Microsoft Office Scanner (Deer, 2015, April 12) that saves what it scans to either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel Documents.

Those free apps might be convenient, but their prone to the vagaries of your smartphone camera’s imaging CCD (Charge Coupled Device) megapixel count, the lighting conditions in the surroundings, presence of a flash to provide illumination and the steadiness of your hand.

The Pocketscan has its own built in LED light that illuminates the surface of the object it’s scanning, resulting in very clean scan of even old, degraded documents.

This might be a problem though, as museum curators cannot afford to damage their old manuscripts by running a portable scanner all over its surface. Also, although it can translate some one hundred and thirty (130) languages, it can’t solve mathematical equations like the Photomath App (Deer, 2014, October 29), a High School Mathematics student’s best friend.

Not to mention being an indispensable product for a blind person to have in case a Braille Reader isn’t handy.

At US$149, it’s an investment for a small Jamaican MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) to pay to have a portable scanner to archive your business documents and print to your Epson EcoTank Wireless Printer with two (2) years worth of Ink.

Students rejoice as it’ll be yet another great way to photocopy library books and will go well with your US$89 Canon Pixma MG5620 printer.

Here’s the link:

Pocketscan by Dacuda

Pocketscan on Google Play Store

Pocketscan on Apple iTunes Store


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