How Twitter and Google partner for Desktop Search Breaking News Tweets

Twitter and Google have now entered a partnership to make tweets searchable on the Desktop (Schwartz, 2015) as well as mobile.

So says their official tweet announcing the partnership, which they’d been experimenting with since May 2015 (Wiggers, 2015) and then later down in August 2015 (Sullivan, 2015 August), based on changes noticed in Search Engine results.

Now you can search for a twitter account, #hashtag or Trending topic (Nield, 2015) and have the results appear in desktop search. You’ll get a rotating carousel of Tweets in English at the Top or at the bottom depending on your search query and you can even click on tweets in the requested Twitter profile.

MICO Wars - How Twitter and Google partner for Desktop Search Breaking News Tweets - 22-08-2015 LHDEER

The partnership makes sense as Twitter is the No. 1 place for Breaking News on the Internet, a fact that Twitter is seeking to exploit this fact with Project Lightning (Deer, 2015, August 15), which seeks to leverage the fact that they’re a source of Breaking News.

Exciting times are ahead for Twitter, as an IPO might be in the works. A partnership with Google will definitely be to their advantage and also help Google build up some Social Media standing.


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