US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone helps you to keep track of your Children

With back-to-school officially coming on Monday September 7th 2015 and Christmas only four month away, it’s already clear what they must have gifts will be among Jamaican children:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • FPV Drone
  • Smartwatches

The Top three (3) listed are the most expensive of the lot, with the smartwatches being at least within reach, starting with the US$150 Pebble Steel (Deer, 2014, August 8) being possibly the lowest priced smartwatch on the market that has wrists strap for children.

US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone helps you to keep track of your Children (2)

Still US$150 is a bit much to splurge on your children. So how about the US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone (Barnwell, 2015) from Gearbest?

First, let’s check the specs and see how it compares to the smartwatch field now dominated (Deer, 2015, August 25) by the Apple Watch.

NT08 Smart Watch Phone – A Swim Fitness Tracker hiding inside of a cheap smartwatch

For such a small smartwatch at such a low price, it’s certainly choc full of features!

The NT08 has a 1.54 inch 240×240 TFT touchscreen with a metallic finish and a leatherette strap. Straight out the box, you have the following colour options for the replaceable shells:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Local tyrant’s Gold

Interestingly, it does have a built in pedometer, so it can be used for counting your steps when walking or jogging but no accelerometer, GPS or heart rate sensor that would put it in the same realm as the US$13 Mi Band fitness tracker from Xiaomi.

US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone helps you to keep track of your Children (3)

As an added bonus, the US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone is rated at IP67. This means you can actually take this smartwatch for a swim like the US$20 Misfit Flash (Deer, 2015, August 1) but scuba diving below 50m is out of the question.

With the aesthetics aside, it’s what’s under the hood that makes the NT08 Smart Watch Phone interesting. This as, at least on paper, a serious competition to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 (Deer, 2015, August 19) that’s slated to launch (Deer, 2015, August 26) in September 2015.

NT08 Smart Watch Phone is a walkie-talkie Watch – App galore to keep your child busy

First thing to note is that the NT08 Smart Watch Phone is actually a smartwatch that’s a phone, sorta like the Samsung Galaxy Gear S that pioneered this feature. It comes with multiple SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) Card slots and Bluetooth for tethering to a smartphone, most likely a Google Android smartphone.

US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone helps you to keep track of your Children (1)

It’s not clear whether or not it’s running Google Android Wear. If it’s not Google Android Wear, the 32 GB capable Micro SD Card slot will be mostly empty as the NT08 Smart Watch Phone already comes pre-loaded with the following apps:

  • Messenger
  • Sleep monitor
  • Alarm
  • FM tuner
  • Mp3 player
  • Sound recorder
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Calendar
  • Calculator

The Sleep monitor App is a surprising addition, as this makes it easy to keep track of your children to find out why they’re wetting the bed or the true cause their night terrors. I especially like the Sedentary reminder, which is similar to the Move Alert feature (Deer, 2015, July 13) in the Garmin Forerunner 15.

The Dual-SIM features only supports SIM Cards for networks that use the 850, 900, and 900MHz GSM networks, so you’re good if you’re as customer of AT&T and T-Mobile.

A 3 Megapixel Camera is present, allowing your kids to take pictures. However, it might also be possible to make video calls when paired with the built-in Speaker and microphone, something your kids’ll love.

Still with theNT08 Smart Watch Phone packing Bluetooth, you can use that instead, as we Jamaicans aren’t yet hip to the idea of talking to our hands.

Taking a gamble on Gearbest – Upgrade the God Children to a Samsung Galaxy S2

The 350mAh polymer battery gives 180 hours of standby time, beating the performance of the Samsung Gear S, which has a 300mAh Battery. However, it falls down in one area: battery charging.

US$40 NT08 Smart Watch Phone helps you to keep track of your Children (4)

The NT08 Smart Watch Phone still hasn’t stepped into the era of Wireless charging (Deer, 2015, May 17) and still requires a USB Cable to recharge the battery.

Personally my only problem with this smartwatch is that it’s clearly a Chinese product, as I’ve never heard of Gearbest before. Worse, the website is littered with Chinese imitation products and this particular product does look a lot like the LG G Watch Urbane.

But you kids will probably smash it to bits before the year is out, so with that in mind, they’ll love the NT08 Smart Watch Phone and like most adults with a fitness tracker get bored and toss it in a drawer somewhere.

By the time Christmas 2016 comes around, if it stop working, they’d not have noticed as they’ll be clamoring for something else to occupy their short attention spans.

If they’re still hooked on the idea of wearing a smartwatch that’s a walkie-talkie, you can always upgrade them to a Samsung Galaxy S2 if they’ve been good!




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