How GraceKennedy will achieve 20% growth in the USA via Amazon

“Shopping online allows greater access and convenience for existing and new consumers via one of the largest online shopping portals”

GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby commenting on GraceKennedy push to sell condiments on Amazon

GraceKennedy, following in the footsteps of local condiments manufacturer Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, has now created a storefront (Gordon, 2015, October 30) on Amazon to sell their line of Condiments.

How GraceKennedy will achieve 20% growth in the USA via Amazon

This includes everything from Grace Jamaican Red Hot Pepper Sauce to Grace Ginger Select Tea sold under several categories:

  1. Hot Sauce
  2. Sauces
  3. Meat Seasonings
  4. Packaged Chicken Soups
  5. Herb, Spice & Seasoning Gifts

They also seem to have a Beauty Supplies section selling some really strange looking Deodorants that I’ve never seen before.

GraceKennedy has been selling Jerk Seasoning on Amazon since August 2015 and had actually been awarded the No. 1 New Release badge (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, September 7) in the herbs, spices and seasoning gifts category.

Now they’re selling condiments along with their Jerk Seasoning in single bottles and four-packs on Amazon. To handle larger shipments, GraceKennedy ships them from La Fe Foods Inc, which they’d purchased for US$26 million in July 2014 (Collinder, 2014, July 20) and renamed GraceKennedy Foods USA as part of their push into the American market.

Their strategy seems to be working, as GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby points out they’re receiving orders from 39 states including Alaska and Hawaii, putting them on course to achieve 20% growth (Gordon, 2015, April 30) by the end of 2015.

Here’s the link:

GraceKennedy Website

GraceKennedy on Amazon

GraceKennedy Limited Twitter Feed: @GraceKennedyGrp

GraceKennedy Limited Facebook Page

GraceKennedy Limited YouTube Channel


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US$199 Xiaomi Linux-based Laptops coming in 2016

It appears that Xiaomi has something interesting in store for us in 2016.

Reports are not coming in that they plan to make two (2) new laptops (Gleyo, 2015, October 28) to be released in 2016. It’s alledged that one is a 12.5” screen laptop and the other is a 13.3”.

The report is backed up by rumours of Xiaomi ordering some 250,000 12.5-inch notebook units from Inventec and 500,000 13.3-inch laptops from Compal Electronics (Orlowski, 2015, October 28), both of which are Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

MICO Wars - US$199 Xiaomi Linux-based Laptops coming in 2016 - 29-10-2015 LHDEER

They’ve allegedly poached a lot of Lenovo executives to manage their latest product. This adds to their portfolio that includes smartphones, a fitness tracker, the S$13 Mi Band Fitness Monitor (Deer, 2015, June 9) and even a GoPro competitor, the Xiaomi Yi (Deer, 2015, March 27) Action camera.

Now they are building a Linux based Laptop for 2016 release, similar to the US$295 MintBox Mini (Deer, 2015, January 22) from CompuLab! No specs other than the screen-size but can we expect ultra-chap laptops, say US$199 with high-end specs (Pot, 2015, October 26) similar to their smartphones?

MICO Wars - US$199 Xiaomi Linux-based Laptops coming in 2016 - 29-10-2015 LHDEER (2)

Expect more news of this exciting development as if the prices are that low, we may be looking at a Linux Laptop renaissance (Vaughan-Nichols, 2015, October 13) as predicted by Linux creator Linus Torvalds …at least in China, the Far East, Central Asia and possibly far west as Europe.

Stay tuned as 2016 is only two (2) months away.


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How to secure your Home Broadband using D-Link PowerLine AV2 2000 DHP-701AV


The D-Link DHP-701AV (Dong, 2015, May 20) kit delivers top power-line performance and can be set up and ready to go in less than a minute. The adapter has an indicator light that helps determine the fastest wall socket to plug into.

This kit is a lot more expensive than other power-line kits that have similar performance, and the included adapters are bulky without featuring a pass-through socket. The kit doesn’t perform anywhere near the advertised 2,000 Mbps speed.

The DHP-701AV is fairly large as current-design powerline adapters go. The photo below provides an idea of its 3.89″ x 2.86″ x 1.34″ profile and shows it won’t block the adjacent outlet in a standard U.S. duplex.

The callout diagram below shows the adapter supports tri-color HomePlug link quality indication. The single Gigabit Ethernet port (Tim, 2015, May 18) is centered on the bottom of the adapter, with the Reset/Encryption button sitting to its left.



The User Guide says the adapter goes into power-saving mode after 5 minutes of Ethernet inactivity and powers up again when activity resumes. I verified this by the following procedure (Tim, 2015, May 18), which ran without a hitch:

  1. Plug in two adapters and let them link up and started a long ping from the HomePlug connected machine to another machine on my Ethernet LAN
  2. Unplug the cable connecting one adapter to my LAN switch.
  3. Verify that the ping showed no response.
  4. Wait until the Ethernet unplugged DHP-701AV entered power-save.
  5. Plug Ethernet back in and verified that adapter powered up and ping returns resumed within a few seconds.

Though fast, the D-Link DHP-701AV power-line adapter kit is only slightly faster than less-expensive alternatives (Yardena, 2015, September 8), making this a great value-buy.


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How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders

Are you suffering from mental cavities caused from playing too much (Deer, 2014, January 18) Candy Crush Saga or all juiced out with Rovio’s Juice Cubes (Deer, 2014, January 26)? Tired of running forever while playing the (Deer, 2015, September 29) Pac-Man 256 Endless Runner?

Looking for a little more mental floss that’s a bit more challenging than Three’s (Deer, 2014, February 15) the very educational mathematical game involving multiples of three?

How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders (1)

Then it may be time to attend to your configuration, Flatlanders Style, with the HTML5 game Hex FRVR (Starr, 2015, October 11) launched in August 2015 by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen.

Hex FRVR, id definitely the next mobile smartphone gamin’ craze that’ll make procrastination on important projects and assignments as easy as sliding a few hexagon into place!

Hex FRVR if HOT – HTML Browser Geometry Game the Chinese love

Hex FRVR is a lot like Three’s in that you have to match together coloured at least three (3) coloured pieces on a hexagonal board. The coloured blocks of similar colour disappear, similar to Hexagonal Tetris or the puzzle game 1010 by Gram Games.

However, unlike hexagonal Tetris, the pieces aren’t falling out of the sky, Chicken Little style, but are easily movable into place, giving you time (Senior, 2015, October 11) as more pieces begin to flood the play area. But don’t watch that; the hexagonal grid makes this game geometrical more complex and involved than the square grid in Hexagonal Tetris or 1010 by Gram Games.

That said, indie developer Chris Benjaminsen is more focused on developing an excellent gaming experience (Crawley, 2015, October 14) rather than making money, which is mainly via in-Game advertising (Deer, 2014, April 19) quote: “I do believe strongly in good user experience above monetization. So I keep the ad pressure very low. I would much rather have users enjoy the game for months than try to make as much money as possible in the short term. Hex is just the second game in my new one-man games company FRVR and I really want to build a brand loved by users.”

Hex FRVR – HTML5 Gaming monetized via In-Game Advertising

So no, not a super new game, as the concept already exists. Still, if you a fan of the book, the Flatlanders, you can imagine that this is your Flatlander army attending to its configuration as it draws you in, burning away hours of your time hunched over you little smartphone screen.

Best of all, it’s an HTML5 game; you can play this game on any browser. It’s super fun, having exploded in popularity on Reddit (Crawley, 2015, October 14) since Sunday October 4th 2015.

Already, 1600+ tell of a game that’s as addictive as Candy Crush Saga, to quote indie developer Chris Benjaminsen: “The Reddit post was definitely what made the game explode. While I have been successful with distribution before, I have never done anything like this.”

The Stats as shared by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen tell of a game that’s blow up to incredible proportions:

  • 1.2 million gaming sessions
  • 46 minutes playing time for current players
  • 1 hour, 21 minutes playing time for returning players

They players are racking up some serious playing time and as of Wednesday October 14th 2015, this growing legion of fans have racked up an impressive 935,574 hours, or 38,982 days, or over 106 years worth of gameplay.

Surprisingly 46% of them are Chinese with 19% being Americans.

How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders (2)

Not bad for a game originally written to test HTML5 frameworks as noted by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen: “I made this while testing my new HTML5 framework. Was never meant to be released as a game, but ended up being too fun to not complete”.

Best of all, Chris Benjaminsen has more games comin’, so the copycats can have a go at this one! So back out your mobile browsers and play Hex FRVR, a compelling reason to become a HTML5 Developer and for gamers to attend to their Browser’s configuration!


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How to use Skype hyperlinks for Free Local and International Video Calls

Skype is now the Video Calling tool from Microsoft (Deer, 2012, June 21) that many with a smartphone and access to free Wi-Fi (Deer, 2015, July 24) cannot live without. Not only can you video chat but like Google Hangouts (Deer, 2015, October 4), you can make group calls (Deer, 2014, April 29) to your team and organize them all from your smartphone!

MICO Wars - How to use Skype hyperlinks for Free Local and International Video Calls - 18-10-2015 LHDEER

Especially if you have a smartphone, you’ll realize a lot of Microsoft products such as Microsoft OneDrive (Deer, 2014, September 15), Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint (Deer, 2014, November 8) and Microsoft Office Lens (Deer, 2015, April 12) are hard to live without as a MICO University College student!

But some of your friends might not share your passion for Skype and may not have the App or have registered for the Skype for Web (Deer, 2014, November 24).

So is there a way for Skype’s 3 billion users (Hachman, 2015, October 15), including Jamaican students locally and abroad to connect to others without them having to install the Skype app or register to use the Skype for Web service?

How to use Skype hyperlinks and talk to anyone even without Skype

Yes there is indeed a way to do that; sent them a hyperlink!

This is a feature that’s already on other competing Video Calling apps for Google Android and Apple iOS (Stella, 2014, August 16) such as OoVoo, Google Hangouts, Viber, Camfrog, Fring, QikShare and Apple’s FaceTime.

Skype announced this feature on Thursday October 15th 2015 in a Blog post entitled A new, easier way to start a Skype conversation and invite anyone to join, which details the new feature.

You’re basically now able to send a link to someone (Cozma, 2015, October 16) to receive video calls on any (Perez, 2015, October 15) Social Network.

This is very similar to the app Kaboom (Deer, 2015, August 17) that allows you to send Self-destructing messages to anyone on any Social media platform, be it email, Facebook, Messenger (Deer, 2015, April 12), Twitter or WhatsApp.

MICO Wars - How to use Skype hyperlinks for Free Local and International Video Calls - 18-10-2015 LHDEER

As of writing this, Skype is now available to US and UK users (Warren, 2015, October 15), with the rest of the world getting access to this feature in the coming days, so Jamaicans may not be able to use it yet. But once you get the update on your smartphone, using it is a snap.

Just make sure to adjust the following before you start sending out links for video calling:

  • Rename your conversation so that recipient know it’s from you
  • Enable/Disable Chat History in Settings as being available for participants
  • Adjust Notifications settings if you’re recipients are Desktop users

Then do the following to place your call:

  1. Click the +New button on Skype for Windows, Mac, or the Web.
  2. Copy the URL that appear
  3. Share with friends or colleagues who are not on Skype
  4. Friend and colleagues click on the URL and initiate Skype conversation

Your friends and colleagues may have to wait awhile and plugins need to be installed to enable voice and Video Calling albeit the option to text is immediately available. Make sure that they have smartphones that have a front-facing camera that’s suitable for Video Calling.

Once they’ve chosen a username so that you can identify them then it’s off to Skyping!

Skype has finally stepped into the 21st Century with this feature that makes it possible for Jamaicans with FLOW Internet (Deer, 2014, July 8) or access to really good free Wi-Fi (Deer, 2015, July 24) to make free Skype Video calls and friends and family abroad.

Here’s the link:

A new, easier way to start a Skype conversation and invite anyone to join


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