How US$189 Skarp Laser Razor was kicked off kickstarter and resurrected on Indiegogo

“We encourage creators to bring early-stage and ambitious ideas to Kickstarter, as those are often the ideas that are most in need of support. But we require that, from the beginning, backers are given a realistic sense of where the project stands in the development process”

Kickstarter spokesperson in an email to CNET explaining why the Skarp Laser Razor Kickstarter by Skarp Technologies was suspended

It appears the kick starter for the US$189 Skarp Laser Razor by Skarp Technologies (Deer, 2015, October 8) was just too clever for its own good.

Their kick starter page got the axe on Monday October 12th 2015 and letters were sent out to backers advising that they’d be getting their money back. This as Skarp Technologies had failed to produce a working prototype (Domanico, 2015, October 13) of their product and as such was not giving a realistic picture of their progress to their backers.

MICO Wars - How US$189 Skarp Laser Razor was kicked off kickstarter and resurrectred on Indiegogo - 13-10-2015 LHDEER

So their US$4,004,922 million raised by some 20,631 backers with just five (5) days to go until Sunday, October 18th 2015 11:30 PM EST when it would have been fully backed had gone up in smoke. In their defense Skarp Technologies had demonstrated that their Skarp Laser Razor that cuts hairs off your face and elsewhere using chromophore lasers worked, just not perfectly.

Not to worry.

In less than a day later on Tuesday October 13th 2015, the disruptive laser cutting Skarp Laser Razor found new life on Indiegogo (Rundle, 2015, October 13) with a new funding campaign.

Indiegogo doesn’t require a prototype albeit it’s highly encouraged (Deer, 2015, August 13) for a successful funding round.

So if they’ve got money from their patents for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) used in hair removal & dermatology treatments (Deer, 2015, October 8), why does he need kick starter funding anyway?

Skarp Laser Razor by Skarp Technologies back on Indiegogo – ELE not delayed for the Disposable Razor Blade Industry

As testament to the genius of their idea, they’ve already raised some US$$168,175 from 1,138 backers after only 17 hours on Indiegogo, blowing past their funding goal of US$160,000. At this rate, they’ll be back to the same US$4 million they’d raised before on Kickstarter.

They need the money to create precision fiber optics to power that teeny-tiny laser (Vincent, 2015, October 13), which only manufacturing equiptment can achieve, to quote Skarp Technologies CIO Oliver Pearce-Owen: “To produce the shaving results we discuss in our presentation, we require a high performance precision manufactured fiber. We have taken our prototype as far as we can before mass production and that is why we are on Indiegogo”.

Just goes to show you when an idea is this disruptive, as in potentially able to destroy the dinosaurs in the entire Disposable Razor Blade Industry, nothing can stop it from becoming a reality. In twelve (12) days time, and by March 2016, the Disposable Razor Blade Industry and the world of shaving equiptment for personal use and by professional barbers will become extinct!

The Skarp Laser Razor by Skarp Technologies is a coming ELE (Extinction Level Event) for the Disposable Razor Blade Industry that’ll change the face of Disposable shaving product (Deer, 2015, August 5) kicking the Best a Man can get into the 21st Century!

Here’s the link:

The Skarp Laser Razor: 21st Century Shaving (Suspended) on Kickstarter

The Skarp Laser Razor: 21st Century Shaving on Indiegogo


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