Why US$389 Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier 1 year Air Filter keeps you Allergy Free

“The problem is microscopic particles suspended in the atmosphere. When we breathe them in, they cluster on the lining of the lungs. Ultrafine particles can travel even further into the lungs – their small size meaning they can collect in the smaller branches and gas exchange regions of the lungs. They’ve been linked to respiratory problems, heart attacks, and even skin aging”

Statement from Dyson on Air Purifiers and their Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifiers

That certainly doesn’t sound good. Still great to know that the Dyson Pure Cool air-purifying fan fixes most of these problems!

The Dyson Pure Cool (Megan, 2015, March 30) is an interesting product that weighs in at 8 lb and reaches up to my waist in height (I’m 6’4)! It comes in two models, the Pure Cool AM07 on Amazon for US$389.99 and the Pure Cool AM011 on Best Buy for US$549.99.

It has no visible moving parts (Alex, 2015, September 08) and is very easy-to-clean the loop amplifier clean. The Air Inlet Holes are easily cleaned with a soft brush, in case they get blocked.

The built-in 360-degree glass HEPA filters 99.95% of the ultrafine particles in your home. It even handles cigarette smoke while maintaining steady operation both with the filter and the DC motor that powers the Dyson Pure Cool.  .


The Dyson Pure Cool compact, attractive ergonomic modern design lets you sleep peacefully with its easily stick-and-stay remote that magnetically snaps in place atop the unit.



Dyson Pure Cool is best used for a twelve (12) hours period each a day. Depending on how polluted your location in the world is, you’ll need to replace the filter only once a year! As testament to its air filtering capabilities, Dyson wisely chose to launch the Pure Cool in Beijing where local air quality is a huge concern.

The Chinese love the product as it’s a hot seller in that country, known for it punishing air pollution.

Dyson Pure Cool large loop amplifier cranks huge volumes of purified air, channeled through tiny apertures lined with a borosilicate microfiber filter. Like a vacuum cleaner, this Air Amplifier technology efficiently removes 99.97% percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns, giving you six (6) months of clean air with consisting 12 hour a day usage.


Dyson Pure Cool is crafted from the same tough thermoplastic used in police riot helmets. It’ll take quite a beating from the solid base to center air multiplying oval. Best of all, it’ll blended in with your night-time sleep cycle, making it ideal for nighttime use.

Overall, the Dyson Pure Cool is a quiet, safe, user friendly zero maintenance air purifier. The patented built-in glass 360 degree HEPA filter (Melissa Lwee, 2015, July 13) is covered by a two (2) years customer warranty for parts and labor. Best of all, the Dyson Pure Cool is both energy efficient and powerful unit performed extremely well and it looks like a piece of art.

Jamaican will love this product, especially in Kingston and the urban areas, where the declining air quality means that respiratory ailments triggered by allergies are on the rise. The Dyson Pure Cool will improve the poor air quality for you or your family members who suffer from air borne allergens this unit, making this in my opinion, a very wise investment.

Here’s the link:

Dyson Pure Cool

US$389.99 Dyson Pure Cool on Amazon

US$549.99 Dyson Pure Cool on Best Buy


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