How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders

Are you suffering from mental cavities caused from playing too much (Deer, 2014, January 18) Candy Crush Saga or all juiced out with Rovio’s Juice Cubes (Deer, 2014, January 26)? Tired of running forever while playing the (Deer, 2015, September 29) Pac-Man 256 Endless Runner?

Looking for a little more mental floss that’s a bit more challenging than Three’s (Deer, 2014, February 15) the very educational mathematical game involving multiples of three?

How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders (1)

Then it may be time to attend to your configuration, Flatlanders Style, with the HTML5 game Hex FRVR (Starr, 2015, October 11) launched in August 2015 by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen.

Hex FRVR, id definitely the next mobile smartphone gamin’ craze that’ll make procrastination on important projects and assignments as easy as sliding a few hexagon into place!

Hex FRVR if HOT – HTML Browser Geometry Game the Chinese love

Hex FRVR is a lot like Three’s in that you have to match together coloured at least three (3) coloured pieces on a hexagonal board. The coloured blocks of similar colour disappear, similar to Hexagonal Tetris or the puzzle game 1010 by Gram Games.

However, unlike hexagonal Tetris, the pieces aren’t falling out of the sky, Chicken Little style, but are easily movable into place, giving you time (Senior, 2015, October 11) as more pieces begin to flood the play area. But don’t watch that; the hexagonal grid makes this game geometrical more complex and involved than the square grid in Hexagonal Tetris or 1010 by Gram Games.

That said, indie developer Chris Benjaminsen is more focused on developing an excellent gaming experience (Crawley, 2015, October 14) rather than making money, which is mainly via in-Game advertising (Deer, 2014, April 19) quote: “I do believe strongly in good user experience above monetization. So I keep the ad pressure very low. I would much rather have users enjoy the game for months than try to make as much money as possible in the short term. Hex is just the second game in my new one-man games company FRVR and I really want to build a brand loved by users.”

Hex FRVR – HTML5 Gaming monetized via In-Game Advertising

So no, not a super new game, as the concept already exists. Still, if you a fan of the book, the Flatlanders, you can imagine that this is your Flatlander army attending to its configuration as it draws you in, burning away hours of your time hunched over you little smartphone screen.

Best of all, it’s an HTML5 game; you can play this game on any browser. It’s super fun, having exploded in popularity on Reddit (Crawley, 2015, October 14) since Sunday October 4th 2015.

Already, 1600+ tell of a game that’s as addictive as Candy Crush Saga, to quote indie developer Chris Benjaminsen: “The Reddit post was definitely what made the game explode. While I have been successful with distribution before, I have never done anything like this.”

The Stats as shared by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen tell of a game that’s blow up to incredible proportions:

  • 1.2 million gaming sessions
  • 46 minutes playing time for current players
  • 1 hour, 21 minutes playing time for returning players

They players are racking up some serious playing time and as of Wednesday October 14th 2015, this growing legion of fans have racked up an impressive 935,574 hours, or 38,982 days, or over 106 years worth of gameplay.

Surprisingly 46% of them are Chinese with 19% being Americans.

How Hex FRVR is HTML5 Tetris for Flatlanders (2)

Not bad for a game originally written to test HTML5 frameworks as noted by indie developer Chris Benjaminsen: “I made this while testing my new HTML5 framework. Was never meant to be released as a game, but ended up being too fun to not complete”.

Best of all, Chris Benjaminsen has more games comin’, so the copycats can have a go at this one! So back out your mobile browsers and play Hex FRVR, a compelling reason to become a HTML5 Developer and for gamers to attend to their Browser’s configuration!


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