US$2000 weekly up for grabs in Digicel’s Make Christmas Magic Promotion


“This is an exciting time of year for us and for our loyal customers in the Diaspora who are eager to stay connected to their loved ones in the Caribbean. We know that Christmas is a time of year when customers appreciate having a bit more in their pockets, as well as making sure that loved ones are well looked after also. As such, we are giving them both a chance to win big and have a magical Christmas”

Digicel Diaspora CEO, Declan Cassidy, commenting on their Make Christmas Magic

Digicel is now upping the ante with their latest promotion that features prizes quoted in US Dollars!

MICO Wars - US$2000 weekly up for grabs in Digicel's Make Christmas Magic Promotion - 03-11-2015 LHDEER

Yes folks, its Digicel’s Make Christmas Magic Promotion (Digicel, 2015, October 2) where they’re giving away US$2,000 every week to lucky recipients of top-ups from relatives living in USA, the UK and Canada.

The promotion, which runs from Monday November 2nd to Thursday December 31st December 2015 will see even your relatives living in USA, the UK and Canada getting a US$1000 share of the US$2,000 as well.

US$1000 as a prize is still plenty money! Which is more reason for them to keep sending you top-ups of US$15 or more over the nine (9) weeks of the promotion to your smartphone to keep that Data plan active!

Digicel’s Make Christmas Magic Promotion is for everyone in the Caribbean with Digicel customer in the following countries being eligible to enter:

  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago

You can receive your top-up via or from a branded store in their neck of the world. Just remember it’ll be freezin’ cold in the USA, the UK and Canada and they have smartphones and credit cards.

So it’s always best to use the Digicel Topup App (Deer, 2015, May 12) from the Google Play Store to Make Christmas Magic as Winter is Coming!

Here’s the link:

Digicel Top Up App on Google Play


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