Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act

Jamaica is slowly catching on to yet another trend in partying. This time it’s the sweet sounds of silence while enjoying multiple genres of music.

Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act (2)

I’m of course referring to Quiet clubbing or quiet partying (Byfield, 2015, November 03) which was launched in the Caribbean by a Quiet Events on Monday November 2nd 2015.

Take a look at this video and decide for yourself if this is you kinda jam!!!

The party, which was sponsored by Skyy Vodka at One Hundred, Hope Road, St Andrew (The Jamaica Observer, 2015, November 07), involve participants wearing Bluetooth headphones attuned to different music sources being transmitted by three DJs.

Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act (3)

In the case of the party put on by Quiet Events (Gokey, 2014, August 16), the holder of the franchise for Quiet Headphones, that was Dancehall, Soca and EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which Billboard magazine (Campbell, 2015, October 19) claims was invented in Jamaica:

  • DJ Smoke playing Soca music
  • DJ Coppershot playing Dancehall
  • DJ , Shane ‘Firestarter’ Graham playing EDM

Montego Bay has also had a taste of Quiet Clubbing at Pier One, with 500 specially invited guests (Cunningham, A. (2015, November 19)) on Thursday November 12th 2015 jamming in silence to the following DJ:

  • DJ Crazy Neil playing Soca Music, Pop and Hip Hop
  • DJ ViceGoodn playing EDM
  • DJ Tippy playing Dancehall

So is wearing a Bluetooth headset and listening to music all night long a good idea?

Quiet clubbing good for the Ears and the Neighbours – EDM and Quiet clubbing rising together

Good to note there are no associated health risks with wearing Bluetooth headsets, ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr Nickola Nelson (Grizzle, 2015, November 8), who I suspect may actually be a Quiet clubber herself!

Best of all, you can party all night long and not disturb the neighbours!  Not bad for a country which also made chocolate milk (Eveleth, 2014, February 12) albeit the Europeans want to take credit for that too!

This is a trend of Quiet Clubbing, which has been around since May 2013 (Miller, 2013, May 1) and is huge in Europe on the Trance and Electronica scene (PRWeb, 2014, February 25) is the perfect solution to complaints by residents about noise coming from nearby party.

Word on the street is that Quiet Clubbing is set to explode come this Christmas 2015 along with the re-adoption of EDM as our lost prodigal son.

Already acts such as Billboard charting Grammy Award-winning EDM artiste Matthew Koma (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, November 7) are slated to make a showing on Saturday December 19th 2015 the third staging of the annual EBMF (Electric Butterfly Music Festival).

Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act (4)

After all, what better way to pay homage to the country that invented EDM than to perform at one of its fastest growing EDM Festivals? But what of the future of Quiet clubbing? As EDM grows, will it also be made welcome in Jamaica?

Jamaica and EDM – Paradise Lost may introduce the use of Bluetooth Headphones from Quiet clubbing

Paradise Lost is slated to be one of the first EDM Events in Jamaica (THUMP Staff, 2015, November 12) is to be held on Thursday March 10th to Saturday March 12th 2016 at Grizzly’s Plantation Cover in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act (7)

The event, which aims to bring some 75,000 visitors to the island during the three (3) day festival, will see many performers such DJ Skrilex, who worked with Justin Beiber on his EDM, Dancehall fusion single “Sorry” for his fourth album Purpose. Also on the lineup of artiste is the man credited with creating EDM in the 80’s, King Jammy.

Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act (1)

Who knows, maybe the Beibs may make a stop in Jamaica as part of the festival, quietly disguised in his hoodie!!

Still, while I pray to the Music Gods for that to happen, check out this Video as proof of his early music genius as Jamaica finally adopts its roots despite classism (Campbell, 2015, October 27) from the Uptown Elitist crowd turning up their noses at the Creative not from their side of the world!!

But these events usually attract large crowds, which mean that many will be far away from the stage. So the use of Bluetooth Headphones will make patrons in a large crowd enjoy their personal mix from their favourite DJ without disturbing the neighbours.

The fact that such quiet parties can slide past the 2 a.m. curfew without adjustment to the Noise Abatement Act (The Jamaica Star, 2015, November 13) will make it a hit! This despite getting a somewhat muted response from local selectors such as Tony Matterhorn, ZJ chrome and ZJ Liquid, (Henry, 2015, November 8) who don’t like the idea of their selector money being split three ways!

Still, quiet clubbing, by 2016, will become as necessary for a party as Drones (Deer, 2013, September 15) to film the entire spectacle…that is, if you want your event going on past 2 a.m. in the morning!

So in a similar manner, will quiet clubbing, like EDM, which is a Jamaica export being re-imported back to a party loving crowd take off? My bet is that, like EDM at Paradise Lost, Quiet clubbing will be a big hit as it is in New York (Barnes, 2015, September 17)…..and very quietly too!


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One thought on “Why Quiet Clubbing and EDM rise in Jamaica a solution to the Noise Abatement Act

  1. [ Smiles ] Hmm. An interesting concept.

    On the bright side, there would be no noise pollution.

    But, in my case, I would prefer to party the old-fashioned way; loud music coming trough huge speaker-boxes!


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