Why US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor from Zafirro will cut Gillette Disposable Razor Business

Zafirro, makers of the world’s most expensive Razor back in 2011, the US$100,000 Z2 with iridium handle and Sapphire blades, has decided to throw us blokes a bone.

Zafirro is floating a kickstarter to make a US$299 Z2 Razor with Sapphire blades (Hodgkins, 2015, November 20), a significant price drop. Already they have some 942 backers who have pledged some US$203,006 and as such make Zafirro well on their way to breaching their $250,000 with forty one (41) days to go.

Why US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor from Zafirro will cut Gillette Disposable Razor Business (1)

The Z2 Sapphire Razor will be fully funded by Tuesday, January 5 2016 at 8:00 am EST, just in time for the New Year’s but you won’t get it shipped until October 2016, an improvement on the projected shipment date of December 2016.

Kickstarter packages start at US$149 for a single Zafirro Razor, US$150 shaved off the US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor‘s retail price. Limited tiers priced from $179 to $229 still exist, but you can beat the street by pledging US$279 to receive your Razor in October 2016.

US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor – Why Sapphire blades from Zafirro will cut Gillette Disposable Razor Business

So what’s so special about the US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor?

For one, the company makes Razors as their business, making them a much more sure, albeit less futuristic bet than US$189 Skarp Laser Razor (Deer, 2015, November 8). The Skarp Laser Razor which as kicked off kickstarter for not having a working prototype, is now resurrected on Indiegogo (Deer, 2015, November 13) and hopefully will deliver by March 2016.

Zafirro is also taking advantage of the fall in the price of Sapphire, which means they can make a lower cost version of their famous US$100,000 Z2, with the same classic style of the original Z2 model.

Why US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor from Zafirro will cut Gillette Disposable Razor Business (2)

Still, you’re getting the sharpest shave possible with a blade that’s guaranteed 10 times sharper at 80 atoms thick, making it better than the best stainless steel versions from Gillette and sharp for at least 6 to 12 months, albeit Zafirro claims 2 to 3 years is possible.

With replacement cartridges costing US$49 every 6 to 12 months, the US$299 Z2 Sapphire Razor isn’t such a bad deal as these Razors will last longer than Gillette Disposable Razors made to last longer (Deer, 2015, October 5) using special drying techniques.

More interestingly, these Sapphire blades can be use in Barber shears for professional barbers as well as to make cutting implements like scissors and even kitchen knives!

With so many potential spinoffs, the traditional expensive Gillette Disposable Razor Business model is going to get cut really deep.

Here’s the link:

US$299 Z2 Razor with Sapphire blades kickstarter


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