How to make a Glow-in-the-Dark Kit Kat Cake

If you’re in the mood for a Glow-in-the-dark Chocolate Cake (Deer, 2014, June 21) but you have no oven, I may have just the thing for you: Glow-in-the-dark Kit Kat Cake!

This idea is somewhat similar to the Chocolate Bar shaped Chocolate Cake (Deer, 2014, September 16) but with no baking involved.

How to make a Glow-in-the-dark Kit Kat Cake

Please note this isn’t you’re conventional cake, like a Glow-in-the-Dark Jamaican Pineapple Rum Cake (Deer, 2015, November 30) or a Glow-in-the-Dark Jamaican Christmas (Deer, 2015, November 26) Fruit Cake.

Rather this is more of a case of warming some ingredients, mainly Glow-in-the-Dark Chocolate Syrup (Deer, 2014, April 29), or Dark chocolate in a non stick pot.  Then add Schweppes Tonic Water, combine with six (6) Nestle Kit Kats.

Let it cool in the refridgerator to make one awesome Glow-in-the-dark Kit Kat Cake. Sharing is caring so share this recipe with all your friends!


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How to make your Canvas shoes Waterproof

If you’ve shopped for shoes in Downtown Kingston (Deer, 2015, May 7), you may have noticed that many of these shoes, especially canvas shoes, are not water proof.

Many of these shoes that we by for JA$25000 are made as if they’re supposed to fall apart, especially when they get waterlogged when it rains.

Fortunately I have just the solution for this as shown below:

How to make your Shoes Waterproof

Most shoe polish is made with chemicals that make the shoes look shiny but actually do not make the shoe waterproof. The use of a Beeswax compound or plain beeswax, which you can buy at any Bee supply store in Jamaica (Deer, 2015, December 18) can fix this problem.

Just use a cloth to rub on the beeswax and heat with a hair dryer to melt the wax, allow it to flow into the pores of your shoes. This gels into the porous fabric, sealing the shoes from the elements and makes them water proof without any residual smell.

Sharing is caring, to share this idea with as many persons who may need assistance with their shoes!


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Why Sting 2015 Flopped, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly

“We don’t have to talk about them, ‘low some people, man. That is why the sponsor dem a deal wid wi suh; have some behaviour, man, unno a big man”

MC Nuffy cautioning Jigsy King, Ninja Kid and General B about their anti-homosexual lyrics

It’s three (3) days until the New Year 2016 and Sting 2015 has flopped (Loop News, 2015, December 27), if the word on the street is to be believed.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (5)

By now, everybody in Jamaica knows that Sting 2015, who had no title sponsor this year, was closed prematurely (Cooke, 2015, December 28) by the Jamaican Police before 6am due to violent and discriminatory lyrics directed against homosexuals.

This occurred even before Beenie Man and Elephant Man had performed. Worse, Merciless, Gully Bop, Ninja Man, Tanto Blacks and Vershon had not yet even touched the stage when MC Nuffy came on stage to deliver the bad news!

Sting 2015 premature end – Dancehall music is dying because of Discrimination

Sting 2015 is the 32nd incarnation of the Reggae and Dancehall festival that’s billed as the greatest one night Festival in the world, had no title sponsor this year, a common problem (Grizzle, 2015, December 20) among Dancehall Shows.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (1)

The reason is becoming obvious; misbehaving Dancehall artiste!

Despite attempts to reign in artists and the removal of violent lyrics and clashes (Deer, 2011, June 7), the problem just cannot go away as many Dancehall artiste haven’t yet awoken to the reality; Dancehall music is dying globally because of their discriminatory stance against homosexuals.

Many Dancehall artiste fail to recognize the fact that Government of countries will not welcome them if they produce music that is disruptive to their society’s culture. Discrimination and inciting violence is not tolerated.

It’s for this reason many of them are no longer being granted VISA’s and work permits, as the Government of many of these countries are not tolerant of what they consider to be hate speech.

With many Americans and Europeans attending Sting 2015, this was the worst side of Jamaica on display.

Joss Stone, top Reggae Artiste 2015 and Reggae Album 2015 – It’s all about Album sales for Billboard

Reggae temperament may also be a reason why Billboard magazine was eager to crown Joss Stone as the Reggae Artiste of the Year (The Jamaica Observer, 2015, December 22) for her album Water For Your Soul.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (3)

Her album beat Bob Marley & the Wailers (Loop News, 2015, December 21) who are 2nd in terms of album sales to receive the top Reggae Artiste 2015 and also top Reggae Album 2015.

Bob Marley & the Wailers is a really long time ago; Americans wanted something fresh and genre-hopping Joss Stone delivered. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her win the Grammy for best Reggae Album!

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (2)

Not surprising to me personally, as Billboard based their assessment purely on sales (Grizzle, 2015, December 27), despite the sentiments expressed by many Jamaicans online. Colour was not a factor (Campbell, 2015, December 27) as the truth be told, Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall is poorly marketed by the Jamaican Government.

Evidence of this can be seen from how long it took OMI’s hit song Cheerleader (McIntyre, 2015, July 24) to become a hit in the US of A after being a hit elsewhere for several years. The Felix Jaehn remix added some Deep House (Messitte, 2015, July 30) character and made the difference, introducing this budding artiste to the American market.

Dancehall artiste Bounti Killa was quite spot on in his assessment, pointing to a lack of promotional assistance for Dancehall and Reggae music (Loop News, 2015, December 26) from the Government of Jamaica, quote: “What measures are implemented for a genre birthed on the island which is widely celebrated elsewhere, giving others the chance to benefit more than us?

How many more Matisyahus, Eddy Murphys and Joss Stones will there be to benefit more than our people who do not fall short on talent?”

Dancehall Music’s marketing Problem – Sponsors favor Family-oriented fare  

The Jamaican Government, it seems, rather than seeing Dancehall as an asset to be expanded upon, is instead choosing to lavish taxpayers’ money on Tourism ads using, ironically, Bob Marley’s music.

This probably made Dancehall artiste Bounti Killa even more cross, angry and miserable (The Jamaica Observer, 2015, December 25) as he further went on to bash the Marley’s on Social Media for their support of Joss Stone, quote: “The Marley boys, as internationally recognized as they are, have a voice that they don’t use to assist Reggae/Dancehall except for their own family’s personal gain”.

Despite this lack of assistance, many Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall artiste, aside from their image problem, also have a marketing problem. Many of them are not marketing their music properly or even seeking other sources of income, such as YouTube videos (Deer, 2015, July 1), corporate sponsorships as well as products and businesses venture and investments, such as real estate.

This as other Genres are attracting sponsorship, such as the Family oriented Lasco Family Extravaganza (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, December 23) that took place on Saturday December 26th 2015. This trend of lack of marketing and sponsorship will continue into 2016 as Dancehall and Reggae Music has to clear up its image problem as it relates to violent, homophobic lyrics.

Jamaica losing interest in Dancehall Music – Sponsors seek other Music shows and Genres to sponsor

But clearly Jamaicans have lost interest, as evidence by the low turnout of patrons (Campbell, 2015, December 28). Many were irate at the sudden end and still getting their money’s worth.

Locally, Jamaicans are looking for more variety in their entertainment, even gravitating to the Uptown sounds like EDM (Electronic Dancehall Music), recently crowned by Billboard Magazine (Deer, 2015, November 22) as being Jamaican in origin.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (10)

Major Laser did a great set at their Major Laser and Friends Concert (Campbell, 2015, December 24) on Friday December 18th 2015 (Daley, 2015, December 21) at Mas Camp. With Paradise Lost coming up in March 2016 (Deer, 2015, November 22), just in time for Carnival 2016, Jamaican will by then have forgotten about the flop that was Sting 2015.

Oh yes, back to Sting 2015.

Patrons at least got to sample Reggae artiste such as artistes like Pinchers, Terror Fabulous, Professor Nuts, Major Mackerel, Junior Cat and Burro Banton with Turbulence, Maestro Don, Jahmeil, Raine Seville and Stylish filling in the gaps for the younger crowd.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (4)

They also got introduced to a new artiste, Starface (Bonito, 2015, December 29), who has a very bright future ahead of her for 2016.

Why Sting 2015 Flopper, Joss Stone Rocked and EDM is the Electric Butterfly (6)

Despite signing no contract to perform at Sting 2015, this show will push her to stratospheric heights. This even as Sting 2015 looks to be on its deathbed due to the lack of sponsors, making Sting 2016 look uncertain.

Here’s the link:

Joss Stone’s album Water For Your Soul on Amazon

Joss Stone’s album Water For Your Soul on Apple


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How to enter Samsung #VirtualHolidays Contest and win a Samsung Gear VR for 2016

Samsung, eager to promote their US$100 Samsung Gear VR headset (Deer, 2015, October 2), has now decided that the time is right for the Caribbean to get Virtual. All you need is a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus or Note 5 (Deer, 2015, December 14) to enjoy Virtual reality.

How to enter Samsung #VirtualHolidays Contest and win a Samsung Gear VR for 2016

They’ve launched a Samsung #VirtualHolidays Contest which runs from Tuesday December 22nd 2015 and ends on Thursday December 31st 2015 at 11:59pm EST. A bit strange that Samsung did not publicize this completion a bit earlier, as this the first I’m hearing about it, even after searching on twitter using the hashtag #VirtualHolidays.

Still, Samsung remember to tell us! The rules of this competition are very simple, really with the ultimate prize being a US$99 Samsung Gear VR!!

Samsung #VirtualHolidays Contest – How to win a Samsung Gear VR for 2016

First, you must be 18 years old or older to participate and you must reside in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Also, if you’re won any previous Samsung contests, three (3) months will have to elapse before you can participate again.

Samsung #VirtualHolidays Contest involves submitting a 15 seconds video or a photo collage about how you spent your Christmas. This video or collage is then entered by posting it on Twitter and Instagram through the @SamsungCRBN account using the hashtag #VirtualHolidays.

Once the Samsung team vets the videos and make sure that your post isn’t violent or offensive and has the vibe they’re looking for, you’ll be assured a chance of winning a Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung will chose two (2) two winners on Twitter and (2) two winners on Instagram, with each winner from each social Network being from Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Prizes are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable but you have an unlimited number of chances to enter.

Just make sure your Twitter or Instagram account is set on public and that you post your video or collage to the @SamsungCRBN account using the hashtag #VirtualHolidays.

Here’s the link:

Terms and conditions #VirtualHolidays Contest

Samsung Caribbean Twitter Account: @SamsungCRBN


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UDC’s JA$200 increase in Entry Fee to Reach Falls in Portland in January 2016

Jamaicans, brace yourselves as the price of everything will start going up in 2016, the Year of the Monkey! Looks like the price of everything is going up along with FLOW Cable Internet (Deer, 2015, December 28) in 2016!

MICO Wars - UDC JA$200 increase in Entry Fee to Reach Falls in Portland in January 2016 - 29-12-2015 LHDEER

UDC (The Urban Development Corporation) on Monday December 28th 2015 has announced a JA$200 increase (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, December 28) in the entry fee to Reach Falls in Portland.  Here is a video of what Reach Falls look like today.

Here’s a map in case you suddenly decided to go looking for the place!

MICO Wars - UDC JA$200 increase in Entry Fee to Reach Falls in Portland in January 2016 - 29-12-2015 LHDEER (2)

The new entry fees, the first since 2007, comes into effect on Friday January 2016, are as follows:

  1. JA$500 for adults up from JA$300
  2. JA$250 for children up from JA$150

Reach Falls in Portland is a popular holiday spot for many Jamaican and a sprinkling of tourists alike. The pictures below do not do the attraction justice, but trus’ me, it’s a nice place!

MICO Wars - UDC JA$200 increase in Entry Fee to Reach Falls in Portland in January 2016 - 29-12-2015 LHDEER

Apparently the UDC is facing increased operating and maintenance costs and hopes that they can maintain the quality of their product.


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