Why Mother’s Pork Patty a hit in 2016 as Pork is now Popular

Jamaica, it seems, has gone crazy for Pork Patties from Mothers.

On Monday November 30th 2015, Mothers Enterprises, owners of the famous Jamaican Fast Food Restaurants, launched the Jamaica Pork Patty. To their surprise, the Pork Patty (Brown, 2015, December 11) began selling quickly.

MICO Wars - Why Mother's Pork Patty a hit in 2016 as Pork is now Popular - 12-12-2015 LHDEER

This phenomenon is quite surprising given Jamaica’s disposition to Pork consumption (Deer, 2011, October 25) based on known religious and cultural prejudices. With the sudden interest in Pork Patties as Mother’s Enterprises has demonstrated, expect Juici Beef Patties and Tastee Patties to introduce their version of the Pork Patty.

Hopefully, Mothers will make other varieties of Pork Patty, such a cheese Pork Patty for the High School Cafeterias (Rose, 2011, January 9) as this will prove very popular this Christmas 2015 as well as in 2016.

So a quick history lesson on the Pork Patty road to acceptance by Jamaicans.

Jamaica and the Pork Patty – Jamaican can’t cook Pork but like Bacon

The JPFA (Jamaica Pig Farmers’ Association) had tried back in September 2009 to sell Pork patties (Myers, 2009, September 21) to the public but it was rejected, possible due to religious reasons.

However, since then much research had gone into what makes Jamaicans like Pork and why they do not eat it. It appears however to not be a case of religion but of convenience (Deer, 2011, October 25), as many Jamaican simply do not have the time or culinary skills to sit down and properly cook this very difficult-to-cook meat.

So what did Mother’s choose to do?

They introduced the option to have Bacon as an upgrade to your Chicken or beef patty. This strategy has been used on an off, gradually introducing Jamaicans to the taste of Pork without calling it bacon.

CPJ and Ready to Cook Pork – Why Pork Shortage of 2015 won’t be alleviated until 2016

So the CPJ (Caribbean Producers Jamaica) decided to meet Jamaicans half-way by introducing their line of Ready to Cook Pork in July 2014 (Deer, 2014, September 10) with much success.

In fact, Jamaicans are now so hooked on this and other ready-to-eat Pork that by April 2015 we soon found ourselves in the middle of a Pork Shortage. Increased production of sow by local Pig farmers will eventually alleviate any Pork Shortage by early 2016 (Deer, 2015, April 22).

But Christmas 2015 will see very high prices for the now very popular meat. Stay tuned as I suspect that Juici Beef Patties and Tastee Patties and will be rolling out copycat versions of the Pork Patty. Ditto too for multinational fast food restaurants such as Burger King, McDonalds and even KFC (Kentucky Fried chicken), who may soon choose to introduce Pork Burgers to their menu to ride this new love for the Pig!


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