Why One Love Music Festival celebrating Bob Marley’s life makes you feel alright

“This festival is a way to continue to spread Dad’s message and help empower people to achieve great things”

CEO of Tuff Gong and Creative Director of the One Love Music Festival, Cedella Marley

One Love Music Festival (Bob Marley, 2016, January 20) is a two-day fundraising event to celebrate Bob Marley’s life and legacy. Internationally acclaimed multi-genre star Akon and platinum selling musical duo Niko & Vinz join the fundraising efforts by performing at the One Love Music Festival, which takes place at Rose Hall, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on February 4 – 5, 2016.

Why One Love Music Festival celebrating Bob Marley's life will make you feel alright

The One Love Music Festival supports ongoing projects in education, the environment and poverty relief through the Bob Marley Foundation in partnership with the Rollins Foundation and Sandals Foundation. SOS Children’s Village is among other Rose Hall supported charities expected to benefit from the proceeds.

President of Rollins Jamaica and Executive Producer of the festival, Michael Rollins, is really selling the Rose Hall connection to the One Love Music Festival, quote: “Rose Hall is pleased to celebrate the life of Bob Marley not just with amazing music which represents what he stood for but with the meaningful work our foundations will do with funds raised through these events. This passion for the Jamaican people is truly the heart of Rose Hall”.

The Gala Reception on February 4 is expected to be an intimate event where VIP patrons will get to hobnob with local and international celebrities. And on Friday February 5th 2016, the One Love Concert will deliver living legends and music legends in the making, from all genres, in never before seen and unexpected combinations.

According to CEO of Tuff Gong and Creative Director of the One Love Music Festival, Cedella Marley, the One Love Music Festival is a festival of all ages and generations, quote: “We’ve got a great fusion of contemporary and seasoned musical talents onboard. The festival will be an explosion of entertainment and enjoyment for persons of all age groups, while sharing a message of positivity and empowerment.”

Artiste at One Love Music Festival – Akon and Nico & Vinz in the house

The line-up includes:

  • Akon
  • Nico & Vinz
  • Kymani Marley
  • Skip Marley
  • Morgan Heritage
  • Tessanne Chin
  • Nadine Sutherland
  • D’Burnz
  • CK
  • Kranium
  • Teflon
  • Iceman and Ruff Kut band

There will also be a special Taxi Records segment featuring the following artiste:

  • Tanto Metro & Devonte
  • No Maddz
  • Devin Di Dakta
  • Sabrina the Diva

Many of these artiste, especially the local performers, are well known in Jamaica. But who is are Akon and Nico & Vinz?

Akon and duo Niko & Vinz – Supporting One Love Music Festival on Bob Marley’s Birthday

With over 35 million albums sold worldwide, five Grammy Award nominations, and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs under his belt, Akon has proven to be simply unstoppable.

He was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the #1 selling artist for master ringtones in the world and became the first solo artist in history to lock down both the number one and number two spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

MICO Wars - Why One Love Music Festival celebrating Bob Marley's life makes you feel alright - 25-01-2016 LHDEER

In addition to his own musical successes, not many realize that Akon was the visionary behind the KonLive and Konvict record labels which jumpstarted the careers of Lady Gaga and T-Pain. The Senegalese singer that gave us the hit singles “Smack That” and “I Wanna Love You” is no stranger to charitable causes.

In February 2014, Akon launched a partnership to bring electricity to one million households in Africa, via “Akon Lighting Africa.”  This initiative continues to address the concern that more than two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is without electricity, and that more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack access.

Akon Corp and partners have assembled strategic partners to create replicable, scalable and cost-effective energy solutions.

Nico & Vinz are the Afro-Norwegian singing and songwriting duo best known for the international success of “Am I Wrong”.  The inspiring single reached number 1 on the American Top 40 Charts and sold more than platinum.

MICO Wars - Why One Love Music Festival celebrating Bob Marley's life makes you feel alright - 25-01-2016 LHDEER

Kahouly Nicolay “Nico” Sereba and Vincent “Vinz” Dery creates music that is a fusion of genres as diverse as pop to reggae to soul. Nico & Vinz will release “Hold it Together” this month, which is taken from their third studio album, due later in 2016.

So with just those two, know that One Love Music Festival will truly celebrate the life and legend of Bob Marley.

Patrons, here’s the link for ticket information and other details:



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US$149 Intel Compute Stick (2016) rocks with improved Core M Skylake Processors

Intel, not one to rest on their laurels in 2016, has decided to give their Intel Compute Stick (Deer, 2015, January 15) an upgrade.

How the Intel Compute stick (2016) has improved with 32-bit Windows 10

The new second generation US$159 Intel Compute Stick (2016) (Hardawar, 2016, January 22), which originally made its debut at CES 2015 (Deer, 2015, January 15) is a lot bigger and has more features.

In fact, at CES 2016, the US$159 Intel Compute Stick (2016) won the Editors’ Choice Award from USA Today’s Reviewed.com as well as Computer Shopper’s Best of CES as per their Press Release on January 11th 2016 titled Intel Brings Home Top Awards, Recognition during CES 2016.

So they’re really off to a good start in 2016!

Intel Compute Stick 2016 –Improved design with curvy aesthetics

It still plugs into the back of your HDTV, such as the Samsung (Deer, 2015, January 10) UHDTV running Tizen OS with the new SmartThings Platform (Deer, 2016, January 3) via the HDMI port.

The design has been spiffed up a bit, now with smooth curved edges and perforated openings for its tiny fans that keep this little thing from overheating. The Intel Compute Stick is much improved using Intel’s 6th-generation Core M Skylake Processors (Portnoy, 2016, January 7), the smaller version to the ones used (Deer, 2015, December 14)  in their Intel Grass Canyon NUC PC’s.

This is a huge step up from their Atom Z3735F Processor (Deer, 2015, January 15) used in the 2015 version of the Intel Compute Stick. You can still get the 2016 version of the Intel Compute Stick that has the Atom Z3735F Processors but runs on your choice of OS, be it Windows 10 of your flavour of Linux.

But the price for either the Core M Skylake Processor or the Atom Z3735F Processor is the same: US$159.

The specs are similar to the original Intel Compute Stick, sporting a 2GB RAM that’s upgradable to 4GB RAM (Cunningham, 2016, January 22) and a microSD slot for an additional 128GB of storage a boost to the 32GB of internal storage.

It also comes with a HDMI dongle to make it easier to plug into the back of most HDTV. This as its boxy design makes it a little hard to wedge into the space at the back of your HDTV.

Improved Wi-Fi and more USB ports – Hydrogen Fuel Cell needed to make this truly portable

The Internet connectivity is also much improved thanks to a 2×2 antenna array for improved 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth connectivity for your Apple Mouse (Deer, 2016, January 12), Keyboard and Trackpad.

How the Intel Compute stick (2017) has improved with 32-bit Windows 10

Still, it’s got two USB ports this time around with one of them being a USB 3.0, making super fast file transfers possible or just simply connecting a standard mouse and a US$100 Microsoft (Deer, 2015, July 21) Universal foldable keyboard.

My only grouse it that it’s still powered by a micro-USB port for the power adapter, something I thought would have changed for something more elegant, such as a built in Li-Ion Battery with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Deer, 2015, August 24).

This is a much improved Stick computer and albeit a bit pricier than the (Deer, 2015, July 1) US$129 Ideacentre Stick 300, it’s got the added perk of being able to order it (Deer, 2015, April 6) with either 32-bit Windows 10 (Cunningham, 2016, January 22) or your flavour of Linux!

Here’s the link:

Intel Brings Home Top Awards, Recognition during CES 2016


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How the Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis says Extinction assured for Exoplanets and Earth

“The mystery of why we haven’t yet found signs of aliens may have less to do with the likelihood of the origin of life or intelligence and have more to do with the rarity of the rapid emergence of biological regulation of feedback cycles on planetary surfaces”

Dr. Aditya Chopra explaining the Gaian Bottleneck in her joint paper in the journal Astrobiology

One of the unsolved mysteries of the universe is in my opinion, the greatest question of all: why have we not yet been contacted by aliens?

After all, we’re still discovering thousands of planets like Kepler-186f in the Constellation Cygnus using the Kepler Space Telescope (Deer, 2014, April 18) now back online via the K2 mission in 2014 and is continuing (Feltman, 2016, January 8) it planet hunting mission. So far it’s discovered 1,930 confirmed exoplanets and 4,696 which are yet to be confirmed.

Kepler telescope in universe

The new K2 mission solves the problem of one of the three reaction wheels being broken by using sunlight as a virtual third reaction wheels, keeping the Kepler Space Telescope stable but needing re-adjustment every 80 days.

Still, the Kepler Space Telescope keeps on discovering more exoplanets, finding as many as 234 new exoplanet candidates discovered by Kepler in 2014, which were announced at the annual meeting (Stone, 2016, January 5) of the American Astronomical Society on January 5th 2016.

I’ll soon be joined by other space based telescopes (Deer, 2014, June 25) such as the James Webb Space Telescope in 2018, the 39.3-metre E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) which is tentatively planned to be built in Cerro Armazones in Chile’s Atacama Desert for 2024 and the 20 meter ATLAST (Advanced Technologies Large Aperture Space Telescope) in 2030.

So with so many possible habitable worlds, the question begs; where are all the aliens?

The Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis – Extinction is assured in the future

This arguement, referred to as the Fermi Paradox, is best illustrated in this pair of videos.

Well according to astrobiologists from the Australian National University, Aditya Chopra and Charley Lineweaver (Starr, 2016, January 22), most life, would become extinct before it has a chance to evolve into something great thanks to a modified Great Filter Theory that they’ve dubbed the Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis.

Their work, published in the journal Astrobiology, is titled The Case for a Gaian Bottleneck: The Biology of Habitability and is worth downloading.

MICO Wars - How the Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis says Extinction is assured Exoplanets and Earth - 22-01-2016 LHDEER

In fact, the Gaian Bottleneck goes on to predict that only their fossil remains along with microbial life. This falls in line with NASA expectation of life on the Jovian ice moon Europa because water geysers were reported (Morgan and Morelle, 2013, December 12) on the surface in 2013, indicating underwater oceans with life near to underwater vents.

There may be hydrothermal vents spewing heat deep beneath surface in this subterranean the ocean (Dickerson, 2016, January 7), making life possible in the same way it exists around thermal vents near undersea volcanoes on Earth.

Co-author Charley Lineweaver work supports this idea, as more complex life, which takes billions of years, may have just been filtered out, quote: “One intriguing prediction of the Gaian Bottleneck model is that the vast majority of fossils in the universe will be from extinct microbial life, not from multicellular species such as dinosaurs or humanoids that take billions of years to evolve”.

So why is this the case?

Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis – ELE are a regular occurrence

This as the planets, even if they were located in the so-called Goldilocks Zone (Deer, 2015, July 30) around a suitable star, eventually became unsustainable for life.

Thus single celled life never got a chance to evolve into more complex multicellular organisms. Such fragile life, couldn’t adapt to rapid changes e.g. comets or meteors crashing onto the planet, upsetting the air and ecosystems and thus became extinct.

MICO Wars - How the Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis says Extinction is assured Exoplanets and Earth - 22-01-2016 LHDEER (1)

Venus and Mars may have been in such a situation 4 billion years ago. However, the chain of events that would have produced life-sustaining oxygen, such as cyanobacteria photosynthesizing or UV light decomposing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen (O2) and Carbon (C) (Deer, 2014, October 4), may not have occurred.

Oxygen is needed to support life as we know it to be. Thus, unable to pass this filter, life on Venus and Mar died, choking in an excess of toxic gases or a lack of an atmosphere respectively.

According to Lead author Aditya Chopra, this regulation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other Greenhouses gases led to the death of any early signs of life, quote: “The universe is probably filled with habitable planets, so many scientists think it should be teeming with aliens. Early life is fragile, so we believe it rarely evolves quickly enough to survive. Most early planetary environments are unstable. To produce a habitable planet, life forms need to regulate greenhouse gases such as water and carbon dioxide to keep surface temperatures stable”.

The Gaian Bottleneck Hypothesis suggests ELE (Extinction Level Events) are the norm, not the exception. Earth may soon be next, as albeit we’re passed many previous filters, many great ones await us and we might not survive them as a species.

Here’s the link:

The Case for a Gaian Bottleneck: The Biology of Habitability


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How Jamaicans can make money from Airbnb

Airbnb, the Bread and Breakfast Rental website, is now slowly becoming a thing in Jamaica.

MICO Wars - How Jamaicans can make money from Airbnb - 21-01-2016 LHDEER (1) MICO Wars - How Jamaicans can make money from Airbnb - 21-01-2016 LHDEER (2)

Many Jamaicans, particular Kingstonians, are taking advantage (Brown, 2016, January 15) of the Airbnb website to rent their entire home or even one night on their couch. They benefit as they get paid in foreign exchange via their Paypal (Deer, 2015, September 9) accounts or any of the below Airbnb approved Landlord payment methods 24 hours after the guest checks in:

  • ACH / Direct deposit: Up to 3 business days
  • Bank transfer or international wire: 3–7 business days
  • PayPal: Within 1 business day
  • Western Union: 1 business day (US Pacific Time)
  • Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card: Within 1 business day

The Airbnb service helps the landlord with paying off mortgages and taking care of utilities. In the process, weary American travellers, save thousands of dollars off staying at a hotel, as they can pay the persons they are renting the property from directly via any of the Airbnb approved Customer payment methods:

  • Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB
  • Many debit cards that can be processed as credit
  • PayPal for select countries
  • Alipay for China only
  • Postepay for Italy only
  • Sofort Überweisung for Germany only
  • iDEAL for the Netherlands only
  • Boleto Bancário, Hipercard, Elo, and Aura for Brazil only
  • Google Wallet for US Android App only
  • Apple Pay for iOS App only

Airbnb used by Jamaicans – Real Estate competition caught napping

Interestingly, it’s not just foreign travelers!

Jamaicans tired of travelling great distances, often pop into  for a bread and breakfast to quote Miss Elise, 47 y-o homeowner in Duhaney Park: “It is not just tourists, it is local people from the countryside and all over Jamaica that are visiting Kingston for the day and can’t afford a hotel, I have been able to connect with them and earn”.

MICO Wars - How Jamaicans can make money from Airbnb - 21-01-2016 LHDEER (2)

Her story is particularly encouraging, as she uses Airbnb to earn money after her husband died and her mortgage still remained to be paid. She’s not alone as a Quick search on Airbnb reveals almost 330 plus listings in Kingston alone, with the other listing islandwide appearing to be mostly hotels.

Airbnb makes it possible for ordinary Jamaicans outside of the resort areas to rent the properties or sections to foreigners travelling from abroad, many of whom eschew the all inclusive hotels and holiday packages for travelling off the beaten path.

Oddly, enough, Airbnb does have competition in Jamaica in the form of the real estate agencies, property websites and even the Jamaica Gleaner Classifieds, as listed below:

Airbnb has the advantage as their website is not only user-friendly, but also easily searchable. They also have a well-designed App that’s optimized for Smartphone screens and their website is Google Browser (Deer, 2015, May 3) approved.

Most importantly, you have to also factor in the wide array of payment options for the weary travellers seeking accommodation and the Landlord, who can receive payment within 24 hours. This gives Airbnb a competitive edge over even the Gleaner Classifieds website, which isn’t user friend and offer no means by which persons can rent and purchase what they see directly!

So will this service take off in Jamaica when 4G LTE (Deer, 2016, January 18) goes islandwide as FLOW Jamaica upgrades (Deer, 2015, December 28), giving more Jamaicans access to Real-time Video Streaming and Video Calling? That remains to be seen in the future, Bread and Breakfast Style!

Here’s the link:

Airbnb website

Airbnb in Google Play

Airbnb in Apple Play

Airbnb approved Landlord payment methods

Airbnb approved Customer payment methods


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Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro

Apple has upgraded the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad (Deer, 2015, August 16) with newer version that have the number 2 at the end of their names. Aside from the name change, they have some slight design tweaks.

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (6)

Some you’ll like and some you may not like.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Apple Magic Trackpad 2 – Thinner with Li-Ion and Lightning Port

Apple Magic Mouse 2 has the same design as its predecessor as it still uses Bluetooth to connect to your devices to work.

The main difference is the fact that the batteries are now rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries that are recharged via a Lightning Port, located on the underside of the Apple Magic Mouse 2.

It’s also screwless, making pulling it apart and fixing it if it has a problem a very difficult affair.

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (2)

The US$77.45 Apple Magic Mouse 2 packs (Martindale, 2015, October 19) the following components:

  • Broadcom BCM20733 Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth 3.0 single-chip solution.
  • NXP 1608A1 Charging IC.
  • Texas Instruments 56AYZ21
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F103VB 72 MHz 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M3

The US$97.65 Apple Magic Keyboard 2 is thinner and wedge shaped (Ochs, 2015, October 20) with dimensions of 279.4 mm by 114.3 mm by 10.16 mm (11 in by 4.5 in by 0.4 in) weighing in at 0.5 lb.  Apple has again abandoned the use of AAA batteries in favour of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Also no screws, making this product very difficult to pull apart (Estes, 2015, October 16) and fix as well!

It also has larger keys that make typing more comfortable and hopefully faster.

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (4)

The Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (Martindale, 2015, October 19) packs the following components:

  • Broadcom BCM20733 Enhanced Data Rate Bluetooth 3.0 single-chip solution.
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F103VB 72 MHz 32-bit RISC ARM Cortex-M3.
  • NXP 1608A1 Charging IC.
  • Texas Instruments BQ24250C Single Input I2C/Standalone switch-mode Li-Ion battery charger

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (3)

Sensibly enough, Apple has placed the Lightning Port at the center of the back of the Apple Magic Keyboard 2 (Estes, 2015, October 16) instead of on the underside as in the Apple Magic Mouse 2. This is mighty convenient, as if your charge runs out, you’ll and continue typing while recharging as you’ll be spared the inconvenience of having to flip the keyboard over to connect your Lightning Port.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 – A Thinner Multi-touch Wedge with Force Touch

The US$123.99 Apple Magic Trackpad 2 has also been similarly modified.

It’s now a much thinner wedge shape (PC Mag, 2015, October 14) starting at a height of 10.92 mm (0.43 in) and tapering down to 4.83 mm (0.19 in) as the battery compartment that usually holds the AAA batteries has been removed. Instead, the AAA batteries have been replaced with a Li-Ion battery that makes the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 a lot thinner.

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (5)

It’s also wider with an active area of 160.02 mm (6.3 in) by 114.3 mm (4.5 in), making it much bigger than the original Apple Magic Trackpad. Lovers of all things Apple will appreciate the fact that it supports Apple iOS 8 multi-touch gestures as well as Force Touch.

It also supports Apple iPhone 6S multi-touch gestures, bringing the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 in line with its smartphone Apple iOS 8 products:

  1. Scroll using two fingers
  2. Pinch to zoom
  3. Tap or press the surface to click
  4. Right click with a two-finger tap

There is also the use of Swiping gestures to activate Mac-centric features like the Notification Center, Mission Control, Exposé, and Launchpad that are now a part of the Apple iOS 8.

MICO Wars - Why the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Keyboard 2 and Trackpad 2 enhances the Apple iPad Pro - 12-01-2016 LHDEER (1)

You can activate the ones you prefer in the OS X preference panel. This is mighty convenient and makes using the Apple Trackpad 2 very user-friendly and customizable and more of the kind of product that you can modify to your device.

Apple upgrades for Hardcore fans – Yearly upgraded to support Apple iPad Pro

Apple seems to be in love with single ports on their devices, be it the USB-C (Ackerman, 2015, April 9) on the 12″ Apple Macbook (2015) or the alledged plan to remove the headphone jack (Kelly, 2016, January 6) from the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 in favour of the Lightning Port.

Still not so fond of the placement of the Lightning Port in the case of the Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Estes, 2015, October 16) as well as the fact that the Lightning Port cable can only connect to your Apple Mac to recharge; you’ll have to purchase an accessory to recharge from a 110 V outlet, if you’re a non-MacBook Pro user or if you find that more convenient.

Not fond of the fact that this product has no screws, making this product not only very difficult to pull apart (Estes, 2015, October 16) but also to repair. As for the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, not so sure I’d even want to attempt to fix that product, albeit it’s very pricey for a trackpad!

Hopefully they’ll upgrade these essential tools for the road warrior on a more yearly basis, especially as Bluetooth may be on the way out and Li-Fi (Deer, 2015, December 11) may be the coming replacement standard for Wi-Fi and eventually all wireless transmission protocols.

Otherwise, Apple’s upgrades rock, as they may be part for a bigger plan for the Apple iPad Pro (Stein, 2015, November 11) in 2016. These accessories will make the Apple iPad Pro more competitive against the Microsoft Surface hydrid Tablet (Ackerman, 2015, September 9) and the 12”Apple Macbook 2015!

For now, only if you are a hardcore Apple Fan would it be worth your while to purchase the US$77.45 Apple Magic Mouse 2, US$97.65 Magic Keyboard 2 and US$123.99 Magic Trackpad 2!

Here’s the link:

Apple Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A) on Amazon

Apple Magic Mouse 2 (MLA02LL/A) on Amazon

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (MJ2R2LL/A) on Amazon


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