How Axis US$99 VIDIUS Mini drone makes spying on naked people possible

I’m slowly coming to realize that aside from VR (Virtual Reality) at CES 2016 (Deer, 2015, December 31), mini computers like the Intel Grass Canyon NUC PCs (Deer, 2015, December 14) and mini drone, are the next big thing in 2016!

Yet another contender to the mini-drone arena, the US$95 VIDIUS (Stella, 2015, December 31) from UAV company Axis, who launched their product on December 31, 2015.

The VIDIUS is being touted as the world’s smallest FPV (first-person-view) quadcopter with dimension of 4.3 cm (1.7 inches) wide and (1 inch) tall!

VIDIUS Geezam - How Axis US$99 VIDIUS Mini drone makes spying on naked people possible - 03-01-2016 LHDEER

Unlike the Torquing Group, Axis has some experience in making drones, having launched the Aerius (Prindle, 2015, August 13), a smaller drone that’s barely bigger than Jamaican JA$20 coin.

aerius Geezam - How Axis US$99 VIDIUS Mini drone makes spying on naked people possible - 03-01-2016 LHDEER

Now comes VIDIUS, which is set to launch by Friday January 29th 2016. It’s already available for pre-order at US$75, a savings of US$20 off the regular retail price.

So aside from its diminutive size, what makes the VIDIUS worth buying!?

US$95 VIDIUS Mini Drone – Making Mini Drones is a marvel of Engineering

Making smaller drones is really difficult.

Already one drone maker, Torquing Group who had raised money on Kickstarter to make the US$265 Zano mini-Drone (Deer, 2014, December 23), is closing down (Baraniuk, 2015, November 18).

Torquing Group had missed their June 2015 delivery date. Almost US$2,955,000 invested by some 12,000 backers, so they are really pissed.

The Torquing chief executive Ivan Reedman has resigned in November. Kickstarter, curious to get to the bottom of the situation, has hired freelance journalist Mark Harris (Rawlinson, 2015, December 10) to check out why Torquing Group, Europe’s biggest kickstarter to date, has apparently collapsed and recanted on the delivery of such a hotly anticipated product.

So the fact that Axis has managed to do what the Torquing Group cannot and twice, is testament to their engineering prowess!

VIDIUS Mini Drone – Super small and super lightweight

For one, the VIDIUS is just a little bigger than the Aerius as seen on the extreme right in the picture below.

VIDIUS4 Geezam - How Axis US$99 VIDIUS Mini drone makes spying on naked people possible - 03-01-2016 LHDEER

In fact, it smaller than its own controller, although you don’t have to use it, as the Axis App allows you to control its flight!

VIDIUS - colour Geezam - How Axis US$99 VIDIUS Mini drone makes spying on naked people possible - 03-01-2016 LHDEER

Thanks to its super-small size and weighing under 250 g (0.55 lb) (Shankland, 2015, December 14), Americans who purchase either the Aerius of the VIDIUS didn’t have to register their drones (Popper, 2015, December 21) with the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) on December 21st 2015.

Like the Aerius, the VIDIUS is bristling with specs that only larger drones possess. It’s an amazingly well designed mini drone being smaller than the US$20 OnePlus DR-1 Drone (Deer, 2014, June 1) that came out, amusingly on Wednesday April 1st 2015 aka April’s Fools day!

Voyeurs and Journalist rejoice – Spying on cats and naked people in the dark is possible

The VIDIUS Quadcopter comes with 3.7V, 150 mAh battery packs, enough for 7 minutes of flight with a maximum range of 30.48m (100 ft) after charging via USB cable for 20 minutes.

As this is a FPV drone, you can fly this drone out of sight thanks to the built in onboard camera that can shoot, record and stream 420p video. It also takes great still photos, making this drone a portable flying selfie Camera. It will also be great for reporters trying to cover a story by themselves, especially if they wish to get shots of areas where access is restricted.

For those flying enthusiasts, this drone has a pre-programmed “Trick Mode” that allows it to perform automated rolls and flips using the controller’s joystick. The built-in 6-axis gyro keeps the VIDIUS stable and an included stabilizer attachment protects the blades from being damaged.

Great to see that Axis has included an extra pack of them to make replacement quick and simple. Night flying is also super easy, as the bright LED Lights on the VIDIUS makes it easy to locate in the dark.

You’ll need this, especially if you plan to terrorize your cat or spy on your neighbours or friends exercising in the dark! After all, it’s so small, it can fit in your pocket, ready to launch, a boon to journalists, cat enthusiasts and voyeurs alike!

Modifications to the VIDIUS – How to make it fly longer and locate if it gets lost

My only problems are the battery life. This can be solved by soldering in a rechargeable battery from a candybar cellphone, as shown below. It won’t add much weight and in case it makes a difference, you can double up the blades or make them wider to provide additional thrust.

Too bad it doesn’t come with a location beacon. Albeit it can’t wander far, it can get lost on rooftops and in trees. That too is also solvable by getting a US$29 TrackR Bravo (Deer, 2014, November 12) to locate your VIDIUS drone if it gets lost.

So with those problems solved, I guess aside from the US$199 PowerUp FPV kit (Deer, 2015, October 26) coming out in August 2016, your best bet for aerial attacks on your cat and spying on people having sex is the Axis US$95 VIDIUS mini-drone.


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